Jean-claude Van Damme is Back With a New Action Film Called ‘Silent Kill’

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of the name “Jean-Claude Van Damme”? Yes! Jean-Claude Van Damme (kickboxer) is back with Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment under the name of “Silent Kill.” In this post, you will learn everything there is to know about Silent Kill and its star, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Concerning Silent Kill

Jean-Claude Van Damme is returning to Congo, not to hunt for Gray Gorillas, but to join the casts of Silent Kill. Anthony Hickox of Waxwork and Infamous Six fame wrote and directed this next action picture. And Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment intends to show the action film to buyers at the American Film Market this week. This film will be produced by Joram Moreka and Van Damme.

Monika Bacardi is the executive producer of Silent Kill. Ovidiu Toma, Bradly Gentz, and Andrea Iervolini Principal photography will begin in the first quarter of 2023.

“Van is one of the biggest action heroes, with a worldwide fanbase,” Iervolinio said of Van Damme. Silent Kill will thus be a test for Van’s fans’ adrenaline surge, as the film will begin with action and never let up on the gas pedal.”

In Summary, the Plot

The following is the plot of Hickox’s action feature:

Jean-claude Van Damme is Back With a New Action Film Called 'silent Kill'

Four mercenaries are tracked as they search for hidden treasure in the Congo. After uncovering the jewels in Congo, Van Damme will be one of four mercenaries who devise a foolproof strategy.

According to their agreement, they would bury the treasure and return three years later to divide the riches equally among themselves. When this type of shady arrangement is struck, things take an unexpected turn.

The Cast & Crew

Vernon Davis, the NFL player and A Day to Die star, will join Van Damme in the cast of Silent Kill. This action film will also include Rafael Amaya (The Lord of the Skies) and Madalina Anea (A Christmas Princess). An intriguing feature about Silent Kill is that, in addition to playing a mercenary, Van Damme is also co-producing the picture with Joram Moreka.

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Jean-claude Van Damme on Films Silent Kill

Despite earning varied reviews throughout his career, Jean-Claude Van Damme is regarded as one of the great action heroes of all time. The actor and martial artist are most known for his roles in Netflix films such as The Last Mercenary and Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Jean-claude Van Damme is Back With a New Action Film Called 'silent Kill'

Van Damme indicated in What’s My Name, his previous action film, that he will portray a fictionalized version of himself in his future action picture. “During this picture; I am in the waning state of my career,” the actor said of the endeavor.

I’m not happy when I come out of another action movie premiere. It’s true that I’ve been living in hotels for the past 30 years.” “I will strive to perform everything in Silent Kill, which everyone enjoys watching me do,” he continued.

The Silent Kill is back with excellent news for Van Damme fans. It is now necessary to wait patiently. Van Damme is back with a new adventure and action set in the Congo.

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