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Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Jailbirds is an American reality television series about female inmates at the Sacramento County Jail, California, which premiered on Netflix in 2019. It chronicles the lives of the roughly 2,400 female inmates of California’s Sacramento County Jail. The show had six episodes in its single season, which aired in 2019.

It showed viewers how different prisoners dealt with the reality of having “their life turned upside down” in prison, as executive producer Drachkovitch put it when asked about the prison environment. The play highlighted elements of prison life like violence, loneliness, and newly formed relationships.

Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date

There is no confirmation of a second season of the show airing on Netflix as of yet. On the other hand, on May 10, 2019, the first season ended. Any movie or television program had a terrible year in 2020, and Jailbirds was no different.

Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date
Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date

Therefore, it is premature to speculate about any sequel-related news at this time. Netflix will undoubtedly decide to continue the show at some point in the future, though, given the number of viewers. The producers of this reality show have not yet given the viewers any new information about the episodes’ upcoming events as of the time of this writing.

Reality shows, on the other hand, are typically broadcast over the course of several seasons. These shows have received numerous renewals because the storylines don’t need to be worked on very much. The Jailbird Season 2 storyline has a lot of unrealized potentials. Fans are looking forward to the release sometime in 2022.

Jailbirds Season 2 Cast

Everything depicted in Jailbirds is based on reality because it is a reality show. The Sacramento County Jail in California serves as the setting for the entire season. Rasha Drachkovitch, who produced it, strictly adhered to the jail’s rules and regulations. The prisoners were all made to feel at ease so they could speak to the camera.

The original inmates who either arrived earlier or later during the show make up the majority of the Jailbirds season cast. Inmate Courtney Jay Koranda was detained due to drug use. When a father and a son were killed during a burglary, Tayler Renee Coatney was detained. Rebecca Temme is a young woman who, as a result of her difficult upbringing, began using drugs at a young age.

Megan Hawkin, a former tattoo artist, was detained on suspicion of several offenses, including theft, transporting illegal drugs, committing a felony, and others. Ebony was also imprisoned as a result of numerous crimes. For instance, she admits through her mouth that she has committed theft, robbery, assault, identity fraud, and burglary. After being made comfortable, all of these prisoners turned to face the camera voluntarily.

Jailbirds Season 2 Plot

Throughout the first season, you might have heard the inmates talking to one another and sharing details about their pasts. Season 2 might feature Tayler and A1 continuing their relationship outside of prison.

Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date
Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date

He was charged with a crime against a family member by the monster. A1 received a five-year prison term, which included the loss of his girlfriend. When it came to A1, Tayler was initially extremely possessive. Tayler only saw A1 as a friend, despite the fact that she loved him and desired a romantic relationship with him. We will see how their relationship changed throughout season 2 of the show.

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At the conclusion of the first season, the cliffhanger was unresolved. The two main plotlines for the second season were thus provided by the first season. We were able to attend Bianca’s wedding to Brianna, the person she loved. They had a lovely ceremony to celebrate their marriage that was filled with love and joy.

Having said that, the series ending was a surprise. Bianca had registered for a number of different classes, it was found. She signed the registration form even before she met Brianna, indicating her commitment to attending the classes. He could help her get ready for life after prison with the help of the classes. On the other hand, the cost of the classes was her separation from him.

Brianna, on the other hand, was happy about it and encouraged her to go to school. She was content with the situation and even delighted. We will learn how the couple is adjusting to their new lives apart in the second season. What plans do they have in place to maintain their relationship despite their geographic separation?

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In addition, Baby Girl and Shayna, Baby Girl’s younger sister, will be the subject of the second captivating plotline. Baby Girl praised Shayna in a variety of ways before admitting that she had plans to beat up her close friend Shayna. Yet WHY?

Shayna’s conversation with Baby’s co-defendant, while she was on the toilet directly, led to this happening. Oh, he got married to Shayna. There will be another conflict for us to watch if the producers decide to move forward with season 2.

Where to Watch the Series

The first season is available on Netflix. Take the paid membership instead, though Netflix offers a one-month free trial. So, if you’d like, you can give that a try.

Jailbirds Season 2 Trailer

The first season is available on Netflix. Take the paid membership instead, though Netflix offers a one-month free trial. So, if you’d like, you can give that a try.


There aren’t many documentaries or reality shows based in prison. Because of this, Jailbirds is a special program. Fans are given a glimpse of the prison life that is typically hidden from the public.

Few people are aware of what goes on inside prisons, and it’s not always for the best. However, this show has caused a lot of people’s perspectives to change. That explains why fans found it to be so appealing. They watch disputes, relationships, and friendships develop inside the jail. Netflix doesn’t seem likely to extend it.

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