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Is Seal Team Season 6 Truly Dead? [Spoiler]

In Season 6, the SEAL Team faced a terrible decision. Bravo Team has lost another member permanently, but who was it?

This post includes huge SEAL Team Season 6, Episode 8 spoilers.

We were concerned about one particular character when SEAL Team Season 6 began. Clay Spencer was the center of attention. When it was revealed that Max Thieriot had secured the lead role in Fire Country, there were concerns about how his schedules would fit on both shows. To deal with it, would Clay Spencer be murdered at the start of the season?

Clay did, in fact, die…then. Instead, we got him for eight episodes till the hour’s finish. And it was a heartbreaking conclusion.

Everything changed as he figured out what he wanted and this bright future for himself and Stella. Clay had talked Ben out of breaking the regulations at the vet clinic before he committed suicide. Unfortunately, Clay was the one with the gun when the security guard discovered the two men. Clay was perceived as a threat by the security guard, who shot him.

Is Clay Gone From the Seal Team?

But there’s a chance he’ll make it, right? Clay has nine lives, and he hasn’t used them all up yet, has he? This is where we have some very bad news.

Is Seal Team Season 6 Truly Dead? [Spoiler]

Spencer Hudnut, the showrunner of SEAL Team, has confirmed Clay’s death. This is the end of the road trip, and Stella’s worst nightmare has come true. I’m sure the way it’s all played out will enrage many supporters.

We had a feeling Clay would have to be written out of the series in some fashion. Max Thieriot has a lot on his plate, and Fire Country is doing well on CBS. Managing both projects was always going to be challenging, and Spencer and Max had to agree that Max’s time on the military series had come to an end. It was a difficult decision to make, but it had to be made.

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Nobody expected Max to depart the show. The logistics were simply insurmountable. However, Stella and Clay should have been able to relocate. At the very least, they could have returned at some time.

What were your thoughts on the decision? What were your thoughts on the episode? Leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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