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Neon: a Reggaeton-Inspired Comedy Series, Has Been Greenlit by Netflix

Neon, a new reggaeton comedy series from Netflix starring Tyler Dean Flores, Emma Ferreira, Jordan Mendoza, and Courtney Taylor, has made its debut. Here are some preliminary descriptions of what to anticipate from the new series, which is rumored to start filming in early 2023.

About the Neon

“Neon centers on three friends who relocate from a small Florida town to Miami in order to succeed in the reggaeton industry. The program chronicles both their fantastical dreams and the hilariously grim realities of trying to succeed in the music business.

When Will the Production Start?

The new series’ filming is scheduled to start early next year and last until April 2023. The show will be filmed in Puerto Rico, but Netflix was unable to provide a schedule.

There will be 8 episodes in Neon’s debut season.

The show was created by Shea Serrano’s The Rap Year Book and Basketball is among the best-selling books by this prolific author (and Other Things).

Neon a Reggaeton-Inspired Comedy Series (2)

In the world of television, Serrano served as executive producer on the 2019 AMC documentary Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook America and as a writer on Primo, a show that will soon be available on Hulu’s Miguel Wants to Fight and Amazon’s Freevee.

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Neon marks Max Searle’s return to Netflix after his work on the three-time Emmy Award-winning comedies The Ranch and Lady Dynamite. Searle has been collaborating on FX’s Dave more recently.

The show is produced by Ithaca Holdings LLC’s SB Projects, which Scooter Braun founded. They produced the documentary series Excuse Me, I Love You for Netflix before working on shows like FX’s Dave, CBS’ Scorpion, and Never Say Never.

Who  Will Be Cast in the New Season

Santi, a charismatic, talented, and up-and-coming reggaeton musician hoping to break through, will be portrayed by Tyler Dean Flores, who will also serve as the show’s director.

Prior to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+/Marvel, Tyler Dean Flores had a role in the critically acclaimed Netflix series When They See Us.

Those who represent Tyler Dean Flores are Paradigm and Untitled Entertainment.

In the series, the Santis’ two closest friends are:

  • The upcoming ZIWE and Netflix series Jigsaw will star Jordan Mendoza as Felix, and Emma Ferrerira (ARRAY’s Learn to Swim, Midnight at the Paradise) will play Nes. Larissa Giroux is Emma Ferrerira’s agent at OAZ and 3 Arts Entertainment.
  • Mia, an A&R representative, will be played by Courtney Taylor, who completes the main cast. Taylor is best known for her role as Sequoia in the HBO series Insecure.

The casting directors for the new series are Jessica Caldrello and Wendy O’Brien.

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