Stephen Lang Just Dropped Big News About Follow-Up Plans in “Don’t Breathe 3”

Two films have already been released in the Don’t Breathe horror series, and surprisingly, a third installment seems to be in the works. As the Blind Man, a terrifying monster in the first film who battles for redemption in the second, Stephen Lang has starred in both movies.

Although there hasn’t been any official word about a third film, Lang seems confident that he’ll be reprising his role as the Blind Man given that Don’t Breathe 2 made significantly less money than its predecessor.

In a conversation with, Lang was questioned about how to inhabit a menacing figure like the Blind Man. In Don’t Breathe 3, he declared that he would take pleasure in the same process of playing a different kind of character.

Lang responded, “Well, it depends on the role. “With regard to the follow-ups you mention, Don’t Breathe, I find. You know, it’s not difficult for me to gain access to the Blind Man’s mind.

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When I’m doing it, when I’m in the Blind Man, it’s a very interesting place to be, but it’s not somewhere I want to spend a lot of time [laughs]. I thoroughly enjoyed filming Don’t Breathe and Don’t Breathe 2—if that’s the right word, which I suppose it is. I also hope to have fun shooting Don’t Breathe 3.”

Will Don’t Breathe 3 Happen?

Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation, Lang seems confident that a third Don’t Breathe movie will be made. Director of the sequel Rodo Sayagues said these movies are very open-ended, allowing for additional movies in the future, to after the release of Don’t Breathe 2.

Will Don't Breathe 3 Happen?

“To my mind, a story is never finished. If the first film’s claim that there isn’t a satisfying conclusion on either end is accurate, “Sayagues provided with. “Both the story of Rocky (Jane Levy) and the story of Norman (Stephen Lang) remain open-ended; they both managed to get away with crimes. due to the large sum of money, Rocky stole.”

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