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Love Is For Suckers Episode 11 Release Date: Check More Details!

Fans are eager to learn more since the release date for Love is for Suckers episode 11 was recently made public. Here’s a quick synopsis of what happened in episode 10 before we get to Love is for suckers episode 11. Yeo-reum tells Jae-hoon that their friendship is limited because her priorities now conflict with his.

When they kissed, she realized he wasn’t the one for her because she felt nothing. However, for him, the kissing heightened his feelings. He agrees to give up on her before storming off angrily, thinking he has no hope left. Chae-ri has edited the first clip of Kingdom of Love 2, which surprises the cast and crew. in addition to the covert kiss.

She also includes snippets of a conversation Jae-hoon once had with Ji-Yeon on the night Ji-Yeon was considering quitting the show. Both were not conscious that they were being recorded. The conversation makes it clear that Jae-hoon was the one who was causing Ji-Yeon to cry. The conversation reveals that Ji-Yeon, who was crying, was not the woman Jae-hoon hugged.

Release Date For Episode 11 Of Love Is For Suckers

According to Various Websites The 11th episode of Love is for Suckers will air on November 14, 2022. At 9:00 p.m. in Korea, ENA will air episode 11 of Love is for Suckers. Love is for suckers episode 11 will be available for international fans to watch on Viki at 1:00 PM BST, 5:30 PM IST, and 8:00 AM EST.

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Love Is For Suckers Episodes Recap

The distinction between work and play blurred in the previous episode as our heroine navigated dilemma after dilemma. The Kingdom of Love must, first and foremost, keep its word to give kisses, no matter who is giving them. The conflicts are primarily between PDs Yeo-reum and Chae-ri due to their conflicting personalities.

On how to handle Kingdom of Love 2, they often disagree. Yeo-reum wants to make it genuine and allow the participants to fall in love, whereas Chae-ri wants to inspire them. One such instance is the alleged first-date kiss between Jung and Ji-Yeon. Even before the couple shows up, the scene is already prepared.

However, while the performers are preoccupied with debating how to perform the kiss, real feelings are flying all over the set. Jae-hoon decides to be more open about his feelings for Yeo-reum after getting a rejection from her the previous week. Her hoobae, Sang-woo, is so good at figuring out what she’ll want as he watches her at work that Jae-hoon begins to suspect they’re having a secret relationship.

Love Is For Suckers Episode 11 Release Date
Love Is For Suckers Episode 11 Release Date

Jae-hoon tries to step in and show token concern for Yeo-reum, but Sang-woo is always there. After giving it some thought, Jae-hoon tries to leave Yeo-reum alone by pairing Sang-woo with his sister. After the humorous performance, the show becomes more serious. Park Ji-wan (Sohn Hwa-ryung) discloses that while out on a date with a different participant in middle school, she was assaulted.

She has never been in a relationship or gone on a date because of her self-imposed isolation. To correct this, she joins the Kingdom of Love. After the date, Ji-wan asks that the video not be aired, and our stubborn PDs begin to argue once more.

Yeo-reum is opposed to such a traumatic event being broadcast, but Chae-ri argues that doing so will increase viewership and that Ji’s consent is not necessary because he was aware that cameras were rolling. Yeo-reum claims that in order to save Ji-wan and allow them to air instead, she will receive kisses from Jae-hoon and Ji-Yeon. If the video looks good, Chae-ri is on board. While the kiss is being photographed from the outside, only the kissers’ shadows will be visible through the curtains.

Yeo-reum no longer wants to take a chance on the kiss because of how serious the situation is. When Ji-Yeon asks if they can take a kissing picture, Ji-Yeon agrees, but she adds that she doesn’t think Jae-hoon will. Yeo-reum visits Jae-hoon and makes an identical inquiry. Who cares when all you get is a kiss in a world full of one-night stands when all you get is a kiss?

“Would it be okay if I kissed another woman?”

“Does he ask? When she doesn’t answer, he is let down. Ji-Yeon is still gone when the cameras begin to record. Would you like to give it a try with me even if it’s just a meaningless kiss? Jae-hoon queries. When he draws her in and embraces her, the show gets the video it needs, but the wrong woman is in it.

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When Yeo-reum returns to the house, Ji-Yeon will be waiting to welcome her. When she got back to the house, she saw the kiss waiting to welcome Yeo-reum. Seeing the kiss, she. She wants to leave the show and is quite irate. Jae-romantic hoon’s feelings for Yeo-reum are known to her. Ji-Yeon immediately accuses Yeo-reum.

Ji-Yeon and Jae-hoon are of the opinion that Yeo-reum would sacrifice anything for the show. Yeo-reum is furious because she refuses to get involved. Because Jae-hoon is well-known and his image is on TV, comments on the internet now refer to him as a “murderer” due to a medical accident in which someone died. As they tease what the leads will encounter next, the posts go viral.

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