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Was Dodi Fayed Engaged to Someone Before He Started Seeing Princess Diana?

Finally available on Netflix, The Crown season 5 continues to recount the narrative of the British monarchy by transporting viewers back in time. The 1990s, a tumultuous decade for the monarchy that was rife with scandal and tragedy, is where the action shifts in the new season.

As promised, the new season features a number of memorable events from the time period with a focus on Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana and Charles’ relationship ultimately reaches its breaking point in season five, as the two eventually divorce. The program exposes several significant individuals in both Charles and Diana’s lives during that decade through the examination of this period in their lives, including various friends and romantic relationships.

Dodi Fayed, who had a significant relationship with Diana in her final months and who the audience is formally introduced to this season, is one among those being presented this season. Although Dodi and Diana developed a romantic relationship before their untimely deaths, viewers of The Crown season 5 may be startled to learn that Dodi was engaged before developing a relationship with Diana.

Spoilers for the Crown Season 5 Are Forthcoming

Who Was Dodi Fayed’s Fiancé?

A quick introduction in season 5 of The Crown gives viewers the opportunity to learn how Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed met, which took place during a day at the races. However, we don’t get to see the two interact frequently on screen throughout the season. Instead, the Christmas that changed their lives and where sparks flew is perfectly set up by the season. Meghan Markle Net Worth: How Much Was Meghan Markle Worth Before She Married Prince Harry?

Was Dodi Fayed Engaged to Someone Before He Started Seeing Princess Diana

Instead of watching Diana and Dodi’s relationship develop over the season, viewers are instead introduced to Kelly, a lady whose history is somewhat mysterious in the show. She’s practicing lines with Dodi at one point, giving off the impression that she’s an actor, yet Dodi subsequently refers to her as a bikini model. Additionally, her formal last name is never mentioned in the show, but we can confirm that she is based on a genuine person. Netflix Has Scheduled a Special With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for December.

Dodi had a romantic involvement with the model Kelly Fisher before meeting Diana, and like in the program, the two were engaged to be married. There are conflicting accounts of how seriously they took one other and how their romance ended, and Diana’s role in their engagement’s breakdown adds to the confusion.

The final season of The Crown, which chronicles Diana’s final days and her relationship with Dodi, is expected to examine these relationships.

Netflix has started streaming The Crown season 5.

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