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Falling for Christmas 2: Will There Be a Movie Starring Lindsay Lohan?

Falling for Christmas is a 2022 American holiday romantic comedy film directed by Janeen Damian. Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver wrote the screenplay. Lindsay Lohan plays the lead in the movie; supporting actors include Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, and Olivia Perez.

Following a string of professional setbacks, while battling addiction and legal issues, this is Lohan’s first role in a major production in more than ten years. The movie’s producers are Brad Krevoy and Michael Damian. It was first revealed in May 2021, and work on it started in Utah in November. On November 10, 2022, Netflix made it available, and critics had mixed opinions.

Falling for Christmas 2 Lead Actress

On Netflix, the holiday season has arrived, and Lindsay Lohan is the one to celebrate! The first of several films starring Lohan that will be available on streaming services features the gifted actress and singer in the holiday romantic comedy Falling for Christmas.

Falling for Christmas 2
Falling for Christmas 2

The Mean Girls actress makes a high-profile comeback in the role of Sierra Belmont, a spoiled heiress who experiences a severe case of amnesia following a skiing accident. As a result, Jake (Chord Overstreet), the dashing lodge proprietor, ends up taking care of Sierra.

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Falling for Christmas, which stays true to holiday rom-com past, brings two unlikely strangers together for a new romance and teaches a character about what’s truly important in life. This has all the makings of a warm holiday film!

But will Netflix release a Falling for Christmas sequel? The likelihood that Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet will appear in a sequel to the unquestionably successful holiday film is as follows.

Will Falling for Christmas 2 be Released?

There are no immediate plans for Netflix to make Falling for Christmas a franchise as of the movie’s release in November 2022. This seems to be standalone, in contrast to the trilogies the streamer has created for its holiday romantic comedies A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch.

Falling for Christmas 2
Falling for Christmas 2

Given that Extraction 2, The Old Guard 2, Murder Mystery 2, and other sequels, in addition to the many others that have already debuted, are in the works, Netflix is no stranger to approving them. In addition, Netflix created a follow-up to the popular family film The Christmas Chronicles.

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But the commercially successful holiday romantic comedies Love Hard, Single All the Way, and A Castle for Christmas from the previous year didn’t receive a follow-up. Holiday rom-coms typically resolve their plots by the end of the picture. Of course, we’d love to see Lohan and Overstreet return as their respective roles, but given the conclusion, it might be necessary.

Even if Falling for Christmas 2 doesn’t materialize, Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix appearances won’t end here. With the streamer, the actress agreed to a multi-film deal, and she is currently hard at work on Irish Wish, her upcoming film.

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