Volcanic Age Chapter 227 Release Date and Other Updates!

After the weekly break, Volcanic Age Chapter 227 begins, detailing Cheon’s encounter with the Southern Seas Dragon Clan. Hainan Sect and the Southern Seas Dragon Clan have settled their differences, but the Southern Seas Dragon Clan was defeated. Yonglin and the other members have been captured by Cheon. An Old Dragon Clan man with a long beard begs Cheon to kill him because he is a sinner.

Cheon admits that if he had intended to kill them, he would not have taken them, prisoner. Even though they have mistreated the Hainan Sect Clan, the old man is relieved that Cheon is not killing him and his clan. Cheon says that his mission is to save Gan Ya Ja. He says that since he wasn’t there to fight but rather to get Gan Ya Ja back, it was an error on the part of the two Clans to start the conflict.

Volcanic Age Chapter 227 Release Date
Volcanic Age Chapter 227 Release Date

Despite realizing they were in error, the elderly man is relieved that Cheon has made amends. Cheon inquires as to the Dark Heaven Faction’s mystery. The elderly man realizes that the term “Dark Heaven Faction” is one he has heard before. Cheon understands that the elderly man’s response is trying to tell him something.

Inquiring about the Nine Dragons Pillars, the Southern Seas Dragon Clan discovers that Cheon has reconciled with them. The elderly man becomes enraged because he wants to know the truth. He says that the Dragon Palace is supported by the Nine Dragon Pillars. The elderly man explains that Nine Dragon Pillars are built to hold up the Dragon Palace in the event of a major earthquake.

Yonglin is perplexed by Cheon’s statement that the Nine Grogon Pillars had been destroyed. The elderly man explains that it is a sea punishment because the conflict between the authorities and humans has enraged the seas. Cheon wonders if the Murim Clans’ power struggle caused the Nine Dragon Pillars to begin to crumble.

Release Date for Volcanic Age Chapter 227

On November 16, 2022, Volcanic Age Chapter 227 will be made available. Because of his hair color and the fact that he is not a member of the Southern Seas Dragon Clan, Gan assumes that Cheon is the person responsible for the catastrophe, which causes confusion among Cheon. Yonmi and Lady Ran are fighting in the background. View details in Chapter 227 of Volcanic Age.

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Volcanic Age Chapter 226 Recap

The elderly man reveals that everything was destroyed by the Murim Clan. The Dragon is enraged as the palace starts to tremble, and the old man explains that it is the punishment from the seas. It was the sea’s wrath, the third guy remarked. After realizing that earthquakes are the issue, a strange man shows up.

Volcanic Age Chapter 227 Release Date
Volcanic Age Chapter 227 Release Date

When the strange man says that they are helpless, Cheon realizes that he is familiar with the man. Cheon recognizes Gan Ya Ja as the strange man. Cheon is addressed by his name by brats like Gan Ya Ja, who questions how Cheon knows his name. Cheon understands that Gan Ya Ja was not abducted and that everything has been misinterpreted.

Yonglin converses with Gan Ya Ja and inquires about the Nine Dragon Pilar and his purpose for traveling there. Gan admits that he attempted to fix them but was unsuccessful. Cheon and Gan must flee after Yonglin realizes that the Dragon Palace is collapsing. The grizzled old man tells his man to head back to the Nine Dragon Pillars because if they collapse, Dragon Palace will be destroyed.

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Gan is unsure of the old man’s intentions. As the rocks start to fall, Cheon grabs Gan and carries him to safety. He observes the elderly man exerting great effort to keep the Dragon Palace from disintegrating. Cheon asks where they are after taking a look around and realizing they are inside the strange room.

Gan assists the elderly man and reminds him of the Nine Dragon Pillars‘ function in dividing the earthquake’s shock into nine different areas. He reveals that in order to avert the catastrophe, the elderly man must triumph over the person who is to blame.

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