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Who is Kelsey Owens? Why Did She Fired From Siesta Key?

 Who is Kelsey Owens?

Kelsey Owens was born on April 4, 1997. Charles Colton Owens, a younger brother, is one of her other siblings. Both have a close relationship with their parents. She did, however, pursue her education at the University of Mississippi, so she is quite educated.

Beginning with the fundamentals, Kelsey Grace Owens’ participation in this reality TV program greatly increased her popularity. She turned 25 in 2017.

How about Kelsey Owens’ line of work? She was initially signed to the agency Mother Management and is known as a television personality in addition to being a model. She moved to St. Louis for work. Later, Kelsey relocated to cities like Milan, Paris, and London.

The Mark Ford and Warren Skeels team’s Siesta Key made its debut in 2017, and Season 5 is currently airing. If you’re wondering when Episode 4 will be released, it will be on November 17, 2022. Nice, huh?

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Everyone was extremely disappointed by Kelsey Owens’ abrupt departure from Siesta Key after just four seasons. While some claimed she made the decision, others claimed the show itself fired her. Whatever the reason, it ought to be legitimate. Here is what we know regarding Kelsey Owens’ departure from Siesta Key during Season 5.

Why Kelsey Owens Was Fired From Siesta Key?

Kelsey Owens debuted in Season 1 of Siesta Key at the age of 19. She gave a lot to the program, even though it required her to divulge personal information. And this time, she was let go abruptly. But that’s harsh! Yet why?

Kelsey signed with Siesta Key: Miami Moves on August 5, 2022. This clearly demonstrated that she wanted to carry on with the show. However, things went south for her when she learned that she had been “cut” from the show. Kelsey Owens recently shared a photo of herself on social media while walking the runway for Juliette Potter’s swimsuit runway show. She sported sunglasses and a neon pink one-piece. She undoubtedly glowed on the ramp. She had supporters.

Why Kelsey Owens Fired From Siesta Key?
Why did Kelsey Owens fire From Siesta Key?

When was Kelsey told the wonderful news? It was created when she and the crew went to “a freaking strip club of all places” to film a scene. Kelsey described the accusations as disgusting and expressed her disappointment. She claimed to have lived her entire life around Siesta Key, which added to her craziness. She also admitted to having worked hard on the matter. She, therefore, found it to be quite disrespectful and unanticipated.

Kelsey also mentioned in her post that she sobbed uncontrollably when she learned of her forced departure. Despite everything, Kelsey expressed her appreciation for the opportunities she received from being on Siesta Key as well as for her fellow cast members. So, she ended it amicably and without any resentment.

But, surprise! There was also an opposing side. From Siesta Key, do you recall Juliette Porter? She asserted the complete opposite. She claimed that although Kelsey Owens wasn’t fired, she was always aware of her reality show timing. She added that she had been on the set when the incident occurred. It is our real life, but she was somewhat aware of how much time she would be spending on the show in advance, according to Juliet.

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Kelsey Owens shared that she would start treating her modeling career seriously after that. It’s encouraging to see that she kept her strength and is now rocking on the ramp. Time to strut my way into this new chapter, she said. For more updates, consider becoming Kelsey Owens’ Instagram follower. Best of luck to Kelsey in her upcoming endeavors.

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