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Emma Thompson Was “Completely, Completely Blind” to Her Ex-husband Kenneth Branagh’s Affairs, She Said!

Emma Thompson, who has won two Oscars, said she was “completely blind” to her ex-husband Kenneth Branagh’s on-set relationships with other actresses. When she found out, she was “devastated,” she said.

After meeting on the set of the 1987 drama series “Fortunes of War,” the “Love Actually” star married Branagh in 1989.

When the marriage ended in 1995, it came out that Branagh was seeing Helena Bonham Carter, a fellow actress who played his love interest in the movie “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,” which he also directed in 1994.

In the November issue of The New Yorker, Thompson, who acted with Bonham Carter in the literary adaptation “Of Howard’s End” in 1992, talked about how hurt and embarrassed she was when she found out.

“I had no idea at all that he was dating other women on set,” Thompson told John Lahr during an interview. “I learned how easy it is to be blinded by your desire to lie to yourself.”

After that, Branagh and Bonham Carter were together for five years. In an interview with the Guardian in 2020, Bonham Carter said that the rumors about their relationship were “all blood under the bridge.

Thompson said, “I was half alive.” This is how the end of her six-year marriage affected her mental health. Any feeling of being lovable or worthy was completely gone.

 she was ‘utterly blind’ about ex-husband Kenneth Branagh’s on-set relationships

CNN has asked Branagh and Bonham Carter’s reps for their thoughts.

Thompson, whose movies include “Matilda” and “Nanny McPhee,” fell in love again with Greg Wise, her co-star in “Sense and Sensibility,” for which she won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

She said that Wise, whom she married in 2003, “picked up the pieces and put them back together.” They have two kids together.

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Thompson said about her life with Wise, “Just by being married, I’ve learned more from my second marriage. “The first twenty years are the hardest,” my mother says.

Emma Thompson has been in her second marriage for almost 20 years and has been divorced from her first husband for almost 30 years. She has been in her second marriage for almost 20 years.

“I had no idea at all that he was dating other women on set,” she tells the New Yorker about her first husband, the actor and director Kenneth Branagh. “What I learned was how easy it is to be blinded by the desire to fool yourself.”

Branagh and Thompson got divorced in 1995 after he had an affair with Helena Bonham Carter, who played his leading lady in “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,” the year before. Up until 1999, Branagh and Bonham Carter were a popular couple.

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Thompson, on the other hand, was crushed.

I was almost dead. She told the New Yorker, “I had no idea left at all that I was lovable or worthy. She came back to life when she started dating her “Sense and Sensibility” co-star, Greg Wise. While making the movie in 1995, they fell in love and got married in 2003.

They have been married for 19 years and are still together.

Thompson said, “Just being married has taught me more than my first marriage.” “The first 20 years are the hardest,” my mother says.

Thompson told Britain’s Sunday Times magazine in 2013 that she and Bonham Carter had made up “years and years ago.”

Thompson said at the time, “You can’t hold on to something like that.” “All I can say is, ‘Pfft. It doesn’t matter. I don’t have the strength for it.

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But the writer of “Bridget Jones’s Baby” and “Last Christmas” did use the bad feelings from her breakup to fuel her famous role in “Love, Actually,” where she played a loyal wife who finds out that her husband (played by Alan Rickman) has been cheating on her.

In the movie, she finds out the truth when she opens a Christmas gift she thought was a romantic necklace she found in his jacket pocket. Instead, it was a Joni Mitchell CD, which he had given to another woman while he was choosing it for her.

At a 2018 event, Thompson said, “That scene where my character is standing by the bed crying is so famous because everyone has been there.” “Ken broke my heart in a very bad way. So I knew what it was like to find the necklace that wasn’t for me.

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