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Amber Marshall: Meet Her Husband Shawn Turner

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What Does Shawn Turner Do in Real Life?

Shawn Turner, Amber Marshall’s husband, is a skilled photographer who appreciates Western civilization. He holds national accreditation in the fields of commercial, stock, and rodeo photography.

Amber Marshall Husband
Amber Marshall Husband

Canada’s London, Ontario, is the birthplace of Shawn Turner, who moved around a lot as a child. The accomplished photographer is not active on any social media platforms and leads a very private life. As a result, we don’t know much about his professional history or family.

How Did Shawn Turner And Amber Marshall Connect?

In 2010, Amber Marshall and Shawn Turner met at a horse show. They met because of shared passions for rural living and common interests, and they soon began dating.

In many ways, the Heartland actress and her off-screen boyfriend fell in love right away. Without wasting any time, the couple became engaged in 2012 and married the following year.

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Lives of Amber and Shawn Right Now

The happy pair is currently content with their lives on their ranch close to High River, Alberta. Amber frequently rides her horse to the set because the Heartland ranch in real life is also close by.

Amber Marshall Husband
Amber Marshall Husband

Amber and Shawn love their home and are passionate about it. On their rach, the couple raises a wide range of animals, including horses, cows, chickens, bunnies, dogs, cats, and even an alpaca!

Amber provides in-depth descriptions of each of their animals on her website. She presently has six horses, two of which are miniatures and three of which are quarter horses (Cruz, Hawk, and Nitro) (Talon and Screech).

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As of March 2021, a colt named Finch who was rescued from being put to death by one of Amber’s pals now resides at Amber’s ranch.

Motorcycle riding is among the interests Amber and Shawn have in common. Although they rarely have time for such indulgences due to their hectic schedules and maintaining the ranch, they occasionally go on rides together.

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