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Christmas Chronicles 3 Cast: What the Director Chris Columbus Said About Release Date?

We fans can’t get enough of how well Kurt Russell plays Santa Claus, which is not a big surprise. The Christmas Chronicles series has become a staple of modern holidays because of its funny characters and loud scenes. Since the franchise has gotten a lot of love and support over the past few years, there has been a lot of excitement for a third movie in the series.

Also, there is a large group of people: 20 million people saw the first movie in its first week. This led to the much-loved sequel where Russell’s Santa came back to save Christmas with the kids on a new adventure. The sequel brought Santa’s real legend to life, so we have to see what other great ideas they have in store.

So, Christmas Chronicles 3 seems like something that everyone will enjoy watching.

Kurt Russell Won’t Mind a Christmas Chronicles 3 Sequel

Christmas Chronicles 3 has caught the attention of Kurt Russell. During an interview with The New York Times, he said he might be willing to play the role again, but he didn’t know what Netflix had planned at the time. He also said that he had never been a big fan of sequels at first, but that he likes the idea more and more over the years.

The Christmas Chronicles 3 Cast

For the movie to work, Kurt Russell would have to play Santa Claus again. After the way Goldie Hawn won our hearts in this second movie, we’d also need her as Mrs. Clause.

christmas chronicles 3 cast

We can probably also count on Darby Camp, who plays Kate, Jahzir Bruno, who plays Jack, Judah Lewis, who plays Teddy, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, who plays Claire, and Tyrese Gibson, who plays Bob, to come back. I’d also guess that after what happened in the second movie, Julian Dennison could come back as Belsnickle.

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The next story would be told by other actors who would join the movie.

Christmas Chronicles 3 Twitter

Take a look at the Christmas Chronicles 3 Twitter account.

Director Chris Columbus Said

In an interview with, Chris Columbus talked about the idea of making a third movie in the series. In that interview, he talked about a scene from the movie in which Mrs. Claus says that she is glad to have “real kids in the village again.” This was a very strange thing for her to say since the movie didn’t really explain why she said it.

This sets up a possible storyline for the next movie, as we can’t help but wonder if she’s been keeping a dark secret all this time. Mrs. Claus has never been studied as much as her husband, so it will be interesting to learn how she came to be.

the christmas chronicles 3 release date

The director said that he hadn’t talked to anyone about Christmas Chronicles 3 and didn’t know what a third installment would be about. But, like Russell, he is open to expanding the Christmas-themed world that the franchise created. Based on what Chris Columbus said, it’s possible that when Netflix makes a new movie, it will look into Mrs. Clause’s character and give us more information about her.

Possibility Of Renewed

We don’t know when the third movie will come out because it hasn’t been confirmed yet. But once the third one is confirmed, it’s likely that The Christmas Chronicles 3 will come out in November 2022.

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Since it hasn’t been confirmed yet, there is no synopsis for The Christmas Chronicles. You can bet that Christmas will need to be saved again.

It will probably mean more research into the history of elves, Santa and Mrs. Claus, and the North Pole. And it should have one song to get people in the Christmas spirit.

The movies in The Christmas Chronicles can be streamed on Netflix.

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