Christmas Chronicles 3: Will There Be a Netflix Sequel?

There’s nothing better than getting the whole family together to watch a holiday movie, but there’s always a fight about which movie to watch. One person wants Elf, while the other wants Home Alone, and so on.

Because there are so many classics, it’s not surprising that a holiday fight breaks out every December.

In recent years, though, there have been more real gems that made it harder to figure out. Many people made sure to watch The Christmas Chronicles and its sequel in 2020 as soon as they came out.

People are saying that they are the movies they have to see, so people are wondering if the series will end with a third movie.

Is the Christmas Chronicles 3 Confirmed?

No, neither Netflix nor the people who made the first two movies in The Christmas Chronicles have said anything about a third one.

Fans will be sad about this, but there are also reasons to hope that this Christmas comedy could come back for another adventure.

First, it’s important to remember dates. The first movie came out in 2018, and the second one came out in late 2020. So, there was about a two-year gap between movies, and The Christmas Chronicles 2 came out only a year ago.

the christmas chronicles 3 release date

Taking this into account, the third chapter might not come out until November 2022 at the earliest.

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Since director Christopher Columbus has said he hasn’t talked to Netflix about a third movie yet, it makes sense that there hasn’t been another one yet.

In a past interview, he said, “It’s interesting because I can’t even think of what the third possible movie could be right now. But we’re ready to make this world even more open.”

That makes a second trip seem even more likely, but that’s not all…

The Christmas Chronicles 3 Instagram

Take a look at The Christmas Chronicles 3 Instagram account.

“Now Sequels Aren’t Even Sequels Anymore”

Taking Christopher’s advice into account, a third movie might come out later rather than sooner. This would give the team time to come up with a good idea that the cast also likes.

Speaking of which, both Mr. Claus (Kurt Russell) and Mrs. Claus (Goldie Hawn), who play them in the movie, have said they want to see more of this world of Christmas cheer on the big screen.

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He has said that he would be interested in a sequel, but he hasn’t heard anything yet.

Goldie also said that the universe of The Christmas Chronicles could be like a holiday version of something like the MCU.

Fans Still Want It

Of course, it’s important to think about not only if the people making it want to make it, but also if the people watching it want to see it.

Fans are still writing on Twitter about how they want there to be a second movie. Check out some of these tweets:

Both parts of The Christmas Chronicles can be watched on Netflix.

The Christmas Chronicles 3 Synopsis

Since it hasn’t been confirmed yet, there is no synopsis for The Christmas Chronicles. You can bet that Christmas will need to be saved again.

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It will probably mean more research into the history of elves, Santa and Mrs. Claus, and the North Pole. And it should have one song to get people in the Christmas spirit.

The movies in The Christmas Chronicles can be streamed on Netflix.

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