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Take a Look at the Biggest Maxican Scandal: Who is Conrado Sol in Real Life?

Fans want to know who Conrado Sol is in real life because the shoe is getting more and more popular. El Chapo is a popular show right now, and the type of show it is is also very popular in the business. People love a good crime and action scene, and this show always gives us one.

The show is mostly about Joaquin Guzman, who does business under the name “El Chapo.” Coming right back to Conrado Sol, Humberto Busto plays his role. This is just a made-up story about the real person we’re going to talk about today.

Conrado Sol in real life is Genaro Garvía Luna. In 1968, he was born in Mexico City. The man worked both for the government and as an engineer. He was then put in charge of public security in the federal cabinet as Secretary of Public Security.

Garca has done many different jobs for the Mexican government. He used to work as a consultant and businessman who looked at the country’s and Latin America’s social and political situations as well as its finances.

Conrado Sol is Genaro Garvía Luna – The Corruption Claims

Garca is a partner in the company GLAC right now. The business gives clients a thorough analysis of their risks and security. The GLAC index is then put out in El Heraldo de Mexico and El Financiero, among other places. This is used by stock brokers and other business analysts who try to figure out how much risk each state in Mexico and Latin America has and how safe it is. Why would a successful actor like Garca Luna be in a crime show from Mexico? It’s because he was on a list of the 10 most dishonest people in Mexico.

who is conrado sol in real life

Forbes posted the article in 2013. Garcia had put himself in a self-imposed silence at the time, but he broke it to write a personal letter to Steve Forbes about how his name was wrongly put on a list. All of the accusations against him are based on lies, and this is because journalists looked into the situation properly.

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Well, the proof came in the years after that, when a court finally looked into him and his work. He did things for the Sinaloa Cartel. In 2018, Joaquin Guzman, also known as “El Chapo,” was put on trial. Ismael Zambara, his partner, and Jesus Garcia, the man he was with, were also in trouble. They all said that they had sent Garca Luna millions of dollars in bribes in suitcases full of cash. Even though he was arrested on these charges, the man said he wasn’t guilty.

Garcia and His Arrest

When he was picked up in 2019, Garca Luna was in Dallas. After all the trials and the fact that he couldn’t show proof of his income, it’s clear that no one believes him anymore. He has never told a court about how much money he has. He builds high-end homes and has a whole chain of them in Mexico City. If you work in the government as Garca Luna does, you can’t afford these things. He may have gotten some of the properties in the area through inheritance.

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Joaquin Guzman and his partners, who included Garcia’s brother, shed more light on the situation. Also, it’s troubling that Garca Luna is still in jail in the United States. For the same charges, the Attorney General of Mexico is still trying to get him sent back to Mexico.

Us Arrests Mexico Ex-Minister on Drugs Charges

An ex-minister of security in Mexico has been arrested in the US on charges that he took money from a drug cartel.

Genaro Garca Luna is accused of letting “El Chapo” Guzman’s Sinaloa cartel work in Mexico in exchange for a lot of money.

Prosecutors say that Mr. Garca Luna gave the cartel safe passage for drug shipments and access to sensitive information.

Fans want to know who Conrado Sol is in real life because the shoe is getting more and more popular. El Chapo is a popular show right now

They say that two times, cartel members gave him up to $5 million (£3.7 million) in cash in two briefcases.

He has in the past denied doing anything wrong.

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Between 2006 and 2012, Mr. Garca Luna, who is 52 years old, was in charge of public security for President Felipe Calderon’s government.

Will Grant, who covers Mexico for the BBC, says that his arrest in Texas is a big deal in Mexican politics.

Our correspondent says that Mr. Garca Luna was not only a key member of Mr. Calderon’s government but also Mexico’s secretary of public security and the face of the country’s federal police force.

With help from the US, Mr. Calderon sent troops for the first time to fight the cartels. During his “war on drugs,” violence in Mexico caused by drugs killed tens of thousands of people.

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