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Magne on Ragnarok: Is He Actually Thor? How Strong Is He?

Netflix’s contemporary retelling of Norse mythology, Ragnarok, centers on the events that lead up to a titanic conflict in the isolated Norwegian village of Edda. Magne, a high school student who has extraordinary abilities and finds himself thrust into a long-standing war between the forces of good and evil, is at the center of the story.

Magne appears to be channeling some very ancient powers in the second season, as seen by his “thunderous” emotional outbursts, his mysterious sister Laurits, and the numerous comparisons to Thor. Let’s find out how near the Edda high school student is to becoming the Thunder God

Magne: The Real Thor?

The epic apocalyptic battle known as Ragnarok is claimed to have taken place in the fictional town of Edda, which serves as the basis for the television series Ragnarok,” which draws heavily from Norse mythology. The Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda, a collection of old anonymous poems with many focusing on Norse mythology, are thought to have inspired the town’s name (a 13th-century textbook considered to be the most comprehensive source on this topic).

Let’s concentrate on the main character Magne for the time being, while many other characters, incidents, and themes in the show also reference the mythological tales found in these works of literature. When Magne first comes in Edda, a mysterious elderly woman who operates the nearby store touches him on the forehead, giving him access to (or potentially unlocking) his powers.

Magne on Ragnarok Is He Actually Thor

Although the mythical Thor’s powers came from having godly parents, “Ragnarok” makes no mention of this. Magne is clearly channeling the god, at least to some people, as Wotan, who claims to be the all-seeing god and father of Thor, Odin, calls Magne “My Son.”

Magne gets superpowers as his skills advance, including keen senses, injury immunity, tremendous speed, and superhuman strength, all of which considerably contribute to his ability to hurl a hammer across great distances. When Magne accidentally tosses the family hammer across town in a fit of rage, this is how we see it. Magne appears to be able to control lightning, the most famous power of the Norse gods, for the time being, however, he must be in a particular emotional state.

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The fact that Magne’s adversary, the enormous Jutul family, worries that he will become a deity is another indication that he is gradually becoming Thor. They continuously monitor Magne’s deeds and are seen growing more concerned as he learns to control lightning and strives to construct Mjolnir, the god’s renowned hammer. Even the hammer returns to Magne in the last moments of season 2, which is consistent with the Norse myth.

It is also impossible to miss Magne’s younger brother Laurits, who is more than anybody else attempting to associate himself with the naughty deity Loki, who is well known for having a complicated sibling relationship with Thor.

Magne on Ragnarok Is He Actually Thor

Laurits makes a special effort to transform into a half-god, half-giant, and even gives birth to an evil snake-like creature that is reminiscent of the mythical Jörmungandr, a gigantic serpent that Loki gave birth to and which is ultimately prophesied to poison Thor to death. This portion of Magne’s story also corresponds with that of Thor because Laurits released his own “pet” into the water and commanded it to grow large.

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There are elements of Magne’s personality that continue to conflict with the mythological god despite the overwhelming evidence that he is evolving into the God of Thunder. Magne’s contradicting traits can be understood as growing pains that will eventually disappear if “Ragnarok” is viewed as the modern-day genesis narrative for Thor.

It might, however, indicate that Magne is evolving into a different god who draws inspiration from the son of Odin rather than becoming Thor. Magne has a severe aversion to killing, whereas Thor is renowned for mercilessly slaying adversaries without any regret.

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