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Blue Box Chapter 78 Release Date and Other Updates

Blue Box is the title of a series of manga books that were written and illustrated by Koji Miura. The protagonist of the series is Taiki Inomata, a schoolboy who competes for his school’s boy’s badminton team. The fact that he wants to play badminton will absolutely blow your mind.

He practiced the sport of badminton with his girlfriend, Chinatsu Kano, who was also a member of the school’s girls’ badminton team. This is the tale of both of these people and their dreams of playing badminton with passion.

Blue Box Chapter 78 Release Date

For the majority of International fans, Chapter 78 of Blue Box is scheduled to release on November 20, 2022. As shown below, the chapter will be made available in several time zones.

  • USA Time: 10:00 EST
  • Indian Time: 20:30 IST
  • Britain Time: 15:00 GMT
  • Japan Time: 00:00 JST

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Blue Box Chapter 77  Recap

Up until this point in the story, Blue Box Chapter 77 has been among the most intriguing chapters. Taiki, who must prepare for his impending midterm exam and is feeling pretty nervous about it, served as the inspiration for the chapter.

Regarding the exam that followed the competition, he is still perplexed. In the chapter, Hina was also alluded to. She is putting a lot of effort into studying for her English test and doesn’t want anyone to disrupt her.

Blue Box Chapter 78 Release Date

As they watch the girls’ team, Taiki and his friends appear concerned about their development. Taiki examines his flaws and the way he comes off as well.

He said in the chapter that he needed to improve his smashes’ precision right away. Taiki’s examination was completed, but at the chapter’s end, we could see that he had developed a fever. The following chapter is expected to provide us with just as much amusement.

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How Do I Watch Chapter 78 Of Blue Box?

On Viz‘s official website, readers will be able to read Blue Box Chapter 78. All of the earlier chapters will also be available for you to read. It should be mentioned that in order to access all of the chapters, you may need to have a current platform subscription. However, the subscription is reasonably priced and definitely worth the money.

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