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When is Crawfish Season: What is Crawfish?

Crawfish season isn’t just a matter of picking dates on a calendar and sticking to them year after year. The weather, especially the temperature and amount of rain, has a big impact on how many crawfish are available.

Where you live also changes how long the season lasts. The crawfish season in Louisiana lasts a little bit longer than the one in Texas. Even though crawfish season starts and ends at different times, there is still a good time to get them.

What Is Crawfish?

First, let’s talk about the basics: Describe crawfish. Crawfish are crustaceans that look like small lobsters. They are also called craydids, crawdads, rock lobsters, and a bunch of other names. Crawfish live in swamps, rivers, and lakes that have fresh water.

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The red swamp crawfish and the white river crawfish are the ones that people buy the most. Even though crawfish looks like a small lobster, it doesn’t taste like a lobster or any other crustacean, such as a crab. Because of its unique taste, this seafood is often used in Southern dishes like gumbo and traditional boils.

When To Buy?

The season for crawfish can last from November to July, especially if the winter is very warm and wet. Still, the most reliable months and the best time to find crawfish are late February through May, in the spring and early summer.

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The holidays are a good way to keep track of when crawfish are in season. In years that are warm and wet, crawfish might be ready for Christmas. But crawfish season is at its peak during Lent, especially around Easter.


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Easter crawfish boils are so popular in crawfish-loving cities like New Orleans that you should place your order well before Good Friday if you want to find enough “mudbugs” for a boil.

What Impacts When Purchase Crawfish?

Farm Progress says that cold weather is a big reason why there are so many crawfish. When the temperature drops below 60 degrees, crawfish are less likely to move around and enter traps with bait. Crawfish, like other crustaceans, go to sleep in the winter by digging into the mud. If the weather doesn’t get better and adult crawfish to die in their burrows, young crawfish won’t be able to come out, which will also reduce a harvester’s supply.

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The best time to buy this delicious seafood depends on how much is available. When there is a lot of demand for crawfish, crawfish farms try to give people as many of these crustaceans as they can, which makes the farms too full. When there are too many crawfish on a farm, the size of the fish gets smaller.

What Is a Crawfish Boil?

In a crawfish boil, seafood, like crawfish, is boiled with potatoes, corn, Cajun spices, and other ingredients in a big pot. After making the boil, this tradition usually involves putting newspapers on the table and pouring the whole thing on top.

How To Make a Crawfish Boil

  • In a 14- to 16-gallon stockpot, bring 4 1/2 gallons of water to a rolling boil over high heat. (Get going early! It could take 45 minutes to an hour to boil.)
  • Mix in seafood boil, salt, Creole seasoning, bay leaves, lemons, garlic, and onions. Stir until spices dissolve.
  • Add the potatoes and bring them back to a boil. Cook for 20 minutes. Add sausage and simmer for five minutes.
  • Each ear of corn should be cut into four pieces and put in the pot. Simmer for 10 minutes. (If it stops boiling, put a lid on it to bring it back to a simmer.)
  • Add the crawfish and let it cook for 5–10 minutes.
  • Use newspaper or parchment paper to line a large sheet pan.
  • Pour the mixture through a large colander or use a slotted spoon to take the crawfish and vegetables out of the
  • water.
  • Crawfish and vegetables should be put in the pan.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Louisiana’s Crawfish Season on?

The best time to find fresh, live crawfish is from February to mid-May. For many people who live in Louisiana, the smell of a crawfish boil in the neighborhood is enough to make them think of spring. People have said that there is a festival for everything in Louisiana.

How Long Does the Season for Crawfish Last?

From November to July, when the weather is very warm, the crawfish season is in full swing. But, in general, an eight-month crawfish season is pretty rare. Yes, there may be a lot of crawfish on holiday tables around the Gulf if the winter is mild and there is a lot of rain.

Do They Have Crawfish in New Orleans All Year Long?

When is it time to eat crawfish? Crawfish are best in the spring, but you can usually find them from January to July. March, April, and May are the best times to get crawfish. This is when crawfish boils happen all over town and at local markets.

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