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Dead to Me Season 4 Release Date: is There a Spin Off for Season 3?

On November 17, 2022, Dead to Me’s third and final season will premiere on Netflix. One of Netflix’s most popular shows, and you may be curious as to why it was canceled after Season 3. Where did it go? Detailed information is provided below.

Dead to Me’s third and last season premiered in May 2019, and after 30 episodes, we said goodbye to Judy and Jen for good.

Dead to Me was not canceled like so many other Netflix shows but rather received a final season order. This results in a satisfying conclusion to every plot thread.

Dead to Me Won’t Return for Season 4

The fact that most Netflix Originals don’t last beyond two, three, or even four seasons may have been a factor in Netflix’s decision to renew Dead to Me for a third and final season.

They probably calculated that the show would have reached a threshold of declining returns and decided to send it off on a positive note.

Feldman told The Hollywood Reporter the following about the series’s short run:

This was always going to be a temporary series in my mind. Although I had hoped for three or four seasons, I am aware of the show’s likely lifespan. It airs on a network that seldom renews shows for more than three or four seasons, and often not even that long. I didn’t want the final scene to be all “Oh shit, we’re going to get canceled!”

Upon hearing that the show would be renewed for a final season, Christina Applegate said:

“I’m going to miss those women. However, we thought this was the most fitting conclusion to these ladies’ tales. “Thank you to all the supporters.”

Dead to Me Showrunner Sets Next Netflix Project

So, what is this fantastic news that I keep hearing about?

Well, the Dead to Me showrunner has already been announced to return to Netflix for another project.

Feldman’s next Netflix project is a 30-minute dark comedy titled No Good Deed from Gloria Sanchez Productions. See our series preview for more details, but in the meantime, here’s a summary of No Good Deed:


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In the black comedy No Good Deed, three very different families compete to purchase a Spanish property from the 1920s that each believes will solve all of their problems. Nonetheless, the sellers learned the hard way that even the house of your dreams might turn out to be a living nightmare.

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Adam McKay, who is the executive producer of Dead to Me and is also developing a show called Kings of America for Netflix, is busy with both projects.

Some members of the Dead to Me cast will also appear in Netflix originals shortly.

Although Linda Cardellini is not currently scheduled to appear in any Netflix projects, you may see her in seasons 1-3 of Bloodline.


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The actor who plays Ben/Steve Wood on the program, James Marsden, will be featured in the upcoming Jerry Seinfeld comedy film Unfrosted, which will be available on Netflix.

Diana Maria Riva will appear in the upcoming Netflix series, Glamorous.

Why Will the Show End With Season 3?

Why stop there if this is one of Netflix’s most popular shows? The show’s creator, Liz Feldman, has stated that she has always planned for it to be brief and sweet. She told Deadline in 2020, “I always knew from the genesis of the show that I didn’t want it to be a long long-running show.

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While filming season 2, I had a revelation that made me realize, “I know the story that I have to tell,” and that season 3 was the right time to do so. It simply sort of occurred to me, and usually, I try to go with my first instincts.

A Spin-off

Most Netflix original scripted shows don’t last more than four seasons, and there have been no rumors of spinoffs. In the year 2020, Applegate posted on social media, “I will miss these ladies. However, we thought this was the most fitting conclusion to this ladies’ tale. “Thank you to all the supporters.

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Still, you’re in luck if you want to see more films set in the Liz Feldman Cinematic Universe. The showrunner and Netflix reached an overall agreement in 2020, so any future series or projects she develops will be produced for Netflix.


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It was reported by The Hollywood Reporter in May of 2022 that the go-ahead was given for her second dark comedy, titled No Good Deed. There are three families in the show, and they are all fighting to buy a haunted villa from the 1920s. Feldman’s next installment is expected to thrill after the recent success of The Watcher, another series about a family moving into a thoroughly creepy home.

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