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Masters of Illusion Season 12 Release Date: Who Are the Cast Members in This Season?

From 2000 to 2001, Pax TV aired Masters of Illusion, an American magic show taped on the castle’s main stage in Hollywood, California. The CW has decided to bring the show back in 2014 with brand new episodes, hosted by Dean Cain and starring a fresh cast.

To date (as of the year 2020), seven seasons of the show have aired on the network, and an additional eleven have been ordered for broadcast. After the success of the launch of the eleventh season on April 9, 2022, The CW ordered a full twelve episodes of the show on January 20, 2022.

When will the season 12 premiere be available to watch? When can we expect to see the show’s format? Who will make a return appearance among the actors? If you want to find out more, read on.

Masters of Illusion Season 12 Release Date

The CW ordered a full twelve episodes of the show on January 20, 2022. A specific date for the premiere of Season 12 has not yet been confirmed.

The CW Network is the official home of this series and is where it can be seen whenever you like. Those interested in watching this show online can do so via Hulu.

Masters of Illusion Season 12 Twitter

Take a look at the Masters of Illusion Season 12 Twitter account.

Cast Members

Associated Television International is the firm responsible for producing Masters of Illusion, an American television program. In the short period since the premiere of the first episode on August 1, 2014, the show’s popularity has skyrocketed, and not just in the United States.

All the best magicians in the world gather here to perform. Before the advent of cameras and digital tricks, they would perform all of their greatest illusions in front of a live audience. Because of this, anticipation for the next show is high, and viewers don’t know what kind of illusion they can expect to witness.

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Dean Cain, Murray SawChuck, Michael Grandinetti, Jonathan Pendragon, and Xavier Mortimer are only a few of the actors in the cast. The likes of Nathan Burton, Rob Lake, and Alice Aoki will also be making appearances.

The Storyline

There will be a live studio audience for “Masters of Illusion,” where some of the world’s greatest magicians and illusionists will show off their skills. See women turn into tigers, birds appear out of thin air, and sleight of hand in the blink of an eye—all performed live, without the use of a camera or a computer.

The performances are presented to you nonstop, switching from one incredible trick to the next in fast succession, in a beautiful display that is packed with reality-bending and mind-blowing magic.

Neither the commercials nor the card tricks are worth your time, so skip forward to the next segment anytime either is performed. Some of the illusions are quite remarkable, but several acts seem to exist solely to fill the time.

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Many other magic tricks lost their luster after I saw one of the best tricks of all time at the ‘Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Remember that amazing things often come in pairs or groups if you happen upon the perfect beautiful girl who is barely even wearing a costume.


Season 12 of Masters of Illusion has not yet been shown, but fans still hope the show will be renewed so they can see how the tale develops. The plot of Masters of Illusion season 12 is the subject of much speculation. However, the series’ production company has announced the show’s cancellation, therefore there are no spoilers for the future season of Masters of Illusion.

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What We Can Expect

Masters of Illusion, an American TV series, premiered in August 2014 on The CW. In this variety of performances, professionals in the fields of magic, illusion, and mentalism perform for a live audience. The ninth season debut of Masters of Illusion is set for the summer of 2019.

In its twelfth season, Masters of Illusion will feature some of the world’s best magicians. The audience will be blown away by the illusions, mentalism, and sleight of hand done by the artists.

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