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The Princess Diaries 3 Release Date: Disney is Working on a New “Princess Diaries” Movie!

Disney is making a third Princess Diaries movie. This is not a drill.

In 2004, a sequel came out to the cult movie that made Anne Hathaway famous and was a box office hit in the 2000s. After Royal Engagement came out, there was talk of a third movie, but it never happened. Up to now.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Aadrita Mukerji, who wrote Supergirl, is now working on a script for Princess Diaries 3. People think that the new movie won’t be a reboot of the franchise, which is based on Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries books, but rather a continuation of Mia Thermopolis’s story.

We don’t know much about the sequel right now, like if Hathaway and Dame Julie Andrews, who played the Queen of Genovia, will be back. But keep reading to find out what we know so far about Princess Diaries 3.

Renewed Status

Yes, Aadrita Mukerji is writing the third installment’s script.

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At this point, not much else is known, like if original cast members Hathaway and Andrews will come back.

Release Date Speculation

Since the script is still being written, it will be a while before the movie comes out.


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If filming starts in 2023, Princess Diaries 3 could come out in theatres at some point in 2024, probably in the second half of the year.

The Princess Diaries 3 Twitter

Take a look at The Princess Diaries 3 Twitter account.

Cast Members

THR says that Anne Hathaway does not have a deal to come back right now. But the actress has said in public that she would like to play princess Mia Thermopolis again and is in favor of a third movie.

In October 2022, Hathaway told ET, “I would more than consider it; I’m rooting for it.” “I think we could make it work if there was a way to get Julie Andrews involved. We would go to where she was, put a green screen behind her, and make it happen.”

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It might be harder than that, though, since Andrews told THR in the past that “it’s too late to do it now

“Many, many years ago, there was talk of a follow-up. I don’t think it ever happened, though. And then [director] Garry [Marshall] left us [in 2016], “she told me. “We can’t go back to it now because too much time has passed. I think it’s a nice idea, but I don’t think it would be possible.

Disney is Working on a New “Princess Diaries” Movie

Disney is going to go back to the world of The Princess Diaries. Disney has hired Aadrita Mukerji to write the script for what is being called a continuation of the film series starring Anne Hathaway instead of a reboot.

Insiders say that Hathaway is not contractually required to come back for a third movie, but she has said she would like to if the project moves past the script stage.


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In The Princess Diaries, which came out in 2001, Hathaway played the main character, a young American woman who finds out she is the rightful heir to the throne of the made-up European monarchy of Genovia.

The movie based on Meg Cabot’s book was a huge financial success. It made $165,3 million worldwide, which was mostly because Julie Andrews played the main character. In 2004, Princess Diaries 2, which starred Anne Hathaway, made $134.7 million all over the world. Both movies, which Marshall made at the end of his career, are now important parts of culture.

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Debra Martin Chase, who managed the production of the original two Princess Diaries films, is producing the upcoming picture. Melissa Stack is an executive producer and the screenwriter for the Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman and the forthcoming Disney+ film Godmothered.

Mukerji has a background in television, having written for Supergirl, Scorpion, Reacher, and Quantum Leap, among others.

Mukerji is represented by TFC Management and Felzer Toczek. CAA and Del Shaw jointly represent Chase. Hanson Jacobson, CAA, and Kaplan/Perrone all represent Stack.

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