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Top 10 Christmas Movies You Should Watch on Netflix!

Regardless of how you feel about Christmas, everyone enjoys a good holiday film. The heartwarming messages of love and friendship in holiday films are perfect for the coldest time of the year. Christmas films, which include everything from mistletoe kisses to family gatherings, are now more accessible than ever thanks to services like Netflix.

So that you can spend more time with your family and less time browsing Netflix this holiday season, we have compiled a list of the best holiday-themed films currently available on the streaming service.

A Very Murray Christmas

Need to reminisce about cozy pub nights in the Big Apple during a snowstorm? In this holiday comedy, Bill Murray’s Christmas spectacular at The Carlyle is canceled due to bad weather. He nonetheless opts to proceed with the performance. Plus, there is a tonne of great songs that will keep you singing long into the night, and cameos from Miley Cyrus and George Clooney.
Bill Murray is concerned that the massive snowstorm hitting New York City will prevent anyone from tuning in to his TV show. Guests at the Carlyle Hotel in Gotham City eventually show up to help him out, and they do so by dancing and singing in the spirit of the season.


Starring Emma Roberts, the film follows a woman who has never found a steady boyfriend as she and a handsome stranger agree to be each other’s “plus ones” for the holiday season. They’re attractive, they get along well, and things escalate rapidly. However, that’s all part of the excitement

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The story follows two people who are tired of spending the holidays alone and agree to be each other’s platonic plus ones for the entire year, only to discover that they have developed real feelings for one another in the process.

A Christmas Prince

This year’s version of the item was the season’s biggest success. Given how ridiculously cheesy the plot is, it’s no surprise that a sequel was released in 2020. The journalist is sent to Aldovia to write about the country’s controversial Prince, but she ends up being mistaken for the Princess’s tutor. Watching this film, which is set in a picturesque (albeit made-up) snowy landscape, will make you want to book the next flight to that place immediately.


A teenage journalist is dispatched overseas just before Christmas to gather undercover information about a playboy prince who is slated to become king.

Holiday in the Wild

Kristin Davis resolves to travel to Africa on her alone when her marriage ends in a whirlwind (a voyage that was supposed to be a second honeymoon with her ex-husband.) After she and her pilot/tour guide, Derek (Rob Lowe), divert to save a newborn elephant, she finds herself increasingly attracted to Derek’s hardscrabble lifestyle.

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When her husband dumps her, Kate goes on a second honeymoon to Africa by herself. There, she and her pilot friend Derek save the life of a baby elephant. Kate learns to appreciate her new home as she nurses the elephant back to health.

Christmas Inheritance

Heiress Ellen Langford is disguised and sent to her father’s small hometown to deliver the annual Christmas letter to his business partner, and while there she encounters a charming young man and falls in love. In the company of someone you care about, read a story that will make you forget your cynicism—if only for a while


Ellen Langford, the ambitious heiress, must first deliver a special Christmas card to her father’s former partner in Snow Falls before she can inherit the family business. Amid a snowstorm that forces her to seek shelter at the local inn, she learns the true meaning of Christmas.

48 Christmas Wishes

This is the perfect movie for those of you who are feeling hankering for a winter vacation. After the North Pole loses all the town’s Christmas wish letters, two elves are sent to the town to find out what everyone wants for Christmas.


After several letters to Santa go astray, a pair of young elves try to track them down. They leave the Arctic and travel throughout the world.

The Princess Switch

Take the basic premise of the timeless classic The Parent Trap and have Netflix add some years to it. Then for a twist, throw in some regal touches. And, of course, lots of holiday spirit! This festive romance will appeal to viewers looking for a feel-good movie during the season. Who could say no to two Vanessa Hudgens

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A week before Christmas, a duchess and a common woman from Chicago, who looks exactly like the duchess, trade places, and end up falling in love with each other’s respective beaus.

Let It, Snow

Let It Snow is Netflix’s offering for the teen set to corner the holiday film market, though the film features elements that will appeal to viewers of all ages, such as an appearance by John Cusak.


On Christmas Eve, a snowstorm hits a small town in the Midwest, forcing a group of teenagers to spend the holiday together. By Christmas morning, everything has changed as their friendships and romantic relationships collide.

The Holiday Calendar

Photographer Abby works a dead-end job and wishes she could travel the world like her childhood best friend Josh, who is home for the holidays. Abby first disregards her grandfather’s gift of a personalized family advent calendar. On December 1, however, the calendar’s hidden abilities to foretell the future (and perhaps a romantic connection) become apparent.


A photographer learns that an inherited antique Advent calendar seems to foretell her future, including a new romantic relationship.

A Bad Moms Christmas

The original three moms (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn) have to deal with the arrival of their eccentric mothers during the holiday season, and the hilarity that ensues is depicted in the film’s sequel, Bad Moms 2. The A-list cast makes this movie an absolute must-see.

Moms who are overworked and underappreciated Amy, Kiki, and Carla rebel against the difficulties and pressures of the most important holiday of the year for mothers. The stress of planning a wonderful holiday for their loved ones will be compounded by the arrival of each of their mothers.

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