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Lindsay Lohan Admits That Her Husband Proposed in Secret When They Were Filming “Falling for Christmas”!

Lindsay Lohan experienced a case of life-mimicking art while filming “Falling for Christmas” for Netflix.

Early in the film, the boyfriend of her character proposes to her. Moreover, the actor became engaged in real life while filming the production.

During the most recent episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” 36-year-old Lohan discussed her marriage and the story behind her engagement. When Ross Mathews inquired about the actor’s married life, he was positively glowing.

“It’s terrific. I have discovered a mate in this fantastic man. And you never know if that will occur in life,” she exclaimed.

About Lohan’s marriage to Bader Shammas earlier this year, Mathews remarked that she appears very happy.

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“I am, thank you,” she replied. “I become really shy while discussing it further.”


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When asked why Lohan provided further explanation.

“I think it’s the thrill, and I also feel that when you have a partner, you become more protective of the two of you in a different manner,” she remarked.

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The “Mean Girls” star also said that her boyfriend proposed while she was filming her most recent Netflix project.

“He proposed to me off-set while we were filming ‘Falling for Christmas,’ not on-set. And I couldn’t tell anyone since I didn’t want it to interfere with our work and other things,” she explained. “Therefore, I was repressing the fact that I was engaged and getting engaged in the film, and I thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore.”


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The couple, who wed in April but publicized their wedding in the summer, is experiencing the joys of newlyweddom, and Lohan has stated that she has always known Shammas was “the one.”

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Mathews questioned her, “Did you immediately know?”

“I did. I conveyed that to him. I responded, “I believe I will marry you one day.” I believe he believed I was insane “She stated,

Did you believe you were insane? Mathews answered.

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