Justin Bieber Sends Birthday Greetings to Hailey Along With Affectionate Images.

Hailey Bieber received early birthday wishes from Justin Bieber today from Japan, wishing her a happy 26th birthday. Justin could sum up his feelings for his wife of four years in a few short sentences. He also wants that information to be widely known.

On Tuesday, Justin Bieber shared a heartfelt birthday message for his wife Hailey on Instagram. In a collection of images, Hailey and Justin look to share some special moments, and Justin completes the exchange with a kiss on the cheek. A note from Justin to Hailey that reads, “You make my life amazing,” is included with the adorable photographs.


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“To my favorite person, Happy Birthday (in Japanese) XOXO. You add magic to life. obsessed with you in every way. Love your bum,” Justin said as the picture’s caption on his Instagram page. The post looked to have been published a day early for the couple’s American followers because they probably participated in the birthday celebrations in Japan one day earlier than normal.

In one image, the couple is seen posing casually in the middle of a bamboo forest. In contrast, the other image shows them dressed casually feeding koi fish in a bonsai tea garden. Justin is dressed in a yellow tracksuit and can be seen wearing a wool beanie. With a neutral-colored pullover, black track trousers, and a wool hat, Hailey chooses a simple outfit that is fashionable and simple to wear.

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Justin’s Instagram Account Frequently Praises Hailey.

Justin frequently writes adoring tributes to Hailey on his Instagram page. On their fourth wedding anniversary in September, he published his subsequent post, writing, “Happy anniversary to my closest friend and wifey @haileybieber… I’d like to thank you for improving me in every manner.


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Last year for Hailey’s birthday, Justin penned a longer message on how much he cares for her and revealed that he calls her squish, another nickname he uses for her.

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Justin and Hailey Wed in September

Hailey Bieber was said to be dating him when the singer of Baby was on vacation. In 2017, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez briefly got back together before splitting up once more. Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber wed earlier this year in South Carolina in front of a small group of family and friends.

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The daughter of graphic artist Kennya Deodato and actor Stephen Baldwin, who starred in the film The Usual Suspects, is supermodel Hailey Baldwin. She has walked the runways for several renowned designers’ collections. She has participated in numerous additional fashion weeks across the world in addition to those in New York, Paris, and Milan.

The couple frequently compliments each other on social media channels, which is quite typical for them to do. We can only hope that their love will develop in this way going forward. As soon as new celebrity rumors surface, we’ll let you know.

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