Customer Wars Episode 5 Release Date: Where Can We Watch the Series?

Customer Wars has become very popular among fans since the first few episodes came out. Now, this show is back with its first season, and fans are very excited about it. This show is releasing two episodes on the same day. Customer Wars episode 5 will be out soon.

This is a series in which customers talk about their problems with buyers. Sometimes, the situation gets worse, gets crazy, and gets out of control. It’s fun for fans to watch this show, and it’s also pretty entertaining.

Customer Wars Episode 5 Release Date

Customer Wars Season 1 continues with Episode 5. On November 29, 2022, the episode will come out. Every Tuesday at 10/9c, there are new episodes of Customer Wars. Fans can’t wait to see crazy people try to push their way into shops and stores. There will be a lot of chaos, drama, anger, and violence in this episode.

Find out what happens in this brand-new episode of Customer Wars by staying tuned. At first, two episodes were released at once, but now the show has decided to release each episode separately. Seems like a new way to keep fans interested by giving them a lot more trouble.

Customer Wars Previous Episodes Recap

“Extra Special Delivery” was the name of the second episode. On November 15, 2022, this episode came out. People rush to a new crab legs buffet that just opened in Queens, New York. At a pancake house in Texas, two groups of people talk trash to each other, and it gets out of hand.

When a man cuts in front of them in line at a coffee shop in Florida, people get very angry. To be honest, people who cut in line make us all mad. So, the response was mostly right. By showing the scripted versions of reactions, this show is honest and not at all fake, which is why I like it.

Customer Wars Episode 5
The third episode of Customer Wars is called “The Last Straw.” The episode came out on November 22, 2022, and it lasted for 20 minutes and six seconds. In the episode, a man attacked a cashier at a Florida fast-food restaurant. The reason for this fight was that there were not enough straws. At times, these fights with the buyers don’t make sense, and sometimes the customers let their emotions get the best of them. In Texas, a similar thing happened when a passenger hit a worker for an airline.
I mean, this episode had some of the worst customers I’ve ever seen. In another case, a man beat the manager of a regular grocery store with a sausage because he said the manager wouldn’t let him buy beer. When one of them tried to cut in front of the other at a busy gas station in North Carolina, it caused a scene.

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This series should also be called Chaos. Last but not least, we saw an aggressive thief ask a store manager in California for candy bars. This seems to have shown us that customers sometimes think they are entitled to anything they want.

Episode 4 of Customer Wars, called “Slippery Customer,” came out on November 22, 2022. It was 20 minutes and 4 seconds of epic fun. A person was accused of shoplifting in this episode. This shoplifter was a teenager, and loss prevention officers in the store had to step in to handle the situation.

At the pharmacy, a woman refused to show her ID when she wanted to buy alcohol. In all honesty, it was a very funny part of the episode. Customers who are aggressive and violent are often at the center of customer wars. This was pretty clear when an angry customer tried to force his way into a phone store in Virginia.

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Where Can We Watch the Series

Fans can watch episode 5 of Customer Wars, as well as all of the other episodes, on A&ETV. Before, all of the episodes of Customer Wars came out at the same time. You can also watch all of these episodes at once on A&ETV to catch up on the series. Keep an eye on when the new episode will come out and watch it as soon as it comes out in your area.


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