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Here’s How Can You Watch Fate Anime in Order!

Why read about heroes from the past when mages can call on these warriors to fight for them? In Type-Fate Moon’s series, there are brave warriors, historical figures, and mythical creatures. Also, its premise is that they have to fight it out in a battle royale where the winner gets one wish. The Fate franchise started out with just the Fate/stay night visual novel. Since then, the story has been told in more VNs, light novels, anime, and movies.

Fate/Stay Night (Anime, 2006)

Shirou Emiya is the main character of this anime adaptation. He is the only person who survived an event that set a part of Fuyuki City on fire. Ten years later, Shirou spends his days going to school and doing odd jobs. In secret, he also uses the magic skills that his late adoptive father, Kiritsugu, taught him. Shirou wants to follow his adoptive father’s rules and become a hero of justice, even though he is just a regular guy. Shirou would end up in the Holy Grail War because of a bad chain of events.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

Since Fate/stay night is a remake from 2006, fans should only use it as a basic introduction to the series. Also, since the anime tries to include all three of the VN’s paths, it’s a bit of a mess. But fans should think of this anime from 2006 as a strict interpretation of the “Fate Route” that focuses on Shirou and Saber’s relationship.

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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Anime, 2014)

At first glance, Unlimited Blade Works seems to copy the first few episodes of the first Fate/stay night adaptation. Things start to change, though, when Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka have to work together to stay alive. This time, Shirou starts to become friends with Tohsaka, who is a more experienced mage. At the same time, Shirou tries to figure out why he hates her Servant, the mysterious Archer, so much.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

This adaptation moves away from the VN’s “Fate Route” and takes its “Unlimited Blade Works Route,” where Rin becomes Shirou’s leading lady. Since it was just made into a movie, UBW 2014 has better graphics and more developed characters.

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel I to III

Again, the Heaven’s Feel trilogy seems to copy the first few days of Shirou’s life before the Holy Grail War, just like Fate/stay night and UBW. But this time, Shirou grows closer to Sakura Matou, a childhood friend he has known since he was a child. Sakura has a mysterious past that has nothing to do with the Holy Grail War as a whole, but it does have something to do with the thing that has been killing off War participants.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

As with UBW, the Heaven’s Feel movies follow the title route in the VN, where Sakura becomes Shirou’s leading lady. Fans would love Heaven’s Feel because it showed more of the characters’ personalities from the previous series. Also, putting a lot of attention on Sakura helped make her a strong secondary character in the movies.

Fate/Zero (Anime, 2011)

Fate/Zero takes place in Fuyuki City again, ten years before Fate/stay night. The setting makes it clear that Fate/Zero comes before Shirou’s adventures. Kiritsugu Emiya will take part in the Fourth Holy Grail War this time. Kiritsugu has a clear advantage over Shirou because he is known as the best mage killer in the world. He also has the help of his wife’s family, the Einzberns.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

This anime shows how the Fate/Zero light novels are turned into a show. In Fate/Zero, the Holy Grail War is looked at in a much more complex way than in the main series. Aside from its great animations, the movie was praised for how it dealt with the ideas of sacrifice and ambition.

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Fate/Zero is a great third piece of media that connects the main Fate/stay night story to its spinoffs. Fans may also want to play /hollow ataraxia, which is the follow-up to /stay at night.

Fate/Apocrypha (Anime, 2017)

What if the Holy Grail War was like a normal war? The story starts 60 years after the Third Holy Grail War when the Yggdmillennia clan declares war on the Mage’s Association. In this new Greater Grail War, the Black and Red teams are made up of Master and Servant pairs who only want their side to win. And, just like in Fuyuki City, the Holy Grail War isn’t always as simple as it seems.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

Fate/Apocrypha takes place at a different time than the /stay night series. Since the story is set in the past, fans of historical fiction will love the Servants and the story as a whole in this anime.

Also, people will love that /Apocrypha has its own story and that each set of Servants has its own skills, personalities, and goals. This is a great place to start a new look at spinoffs of /stay nights.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore (Anime, 2018)

The events of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore begin vague on purpose. In this anime, Hakuno Kishinami awakens in a new world with only a Servant for company. With no memory of his history, it appears that he must win the Holy Grail War in order to perhaps recover his identity.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

As with the mainstay /stay night series, Fate/EXTRA follows the same format. Last Encore is also an adaptation of a game, in this case Fate/EXTRA. Last Encore will appeal to fans because it is a loose version of the game. This indicates that they can play the game and view the anime in any sequence.

In addition, isekai lovers will enjoy Last Encore for TYPE-take MOON’s on the “inescapable VR game” genre. Similarly, a number of its terms and concepts are applicable to Grand Order.

Fate/Grand Order: First Order (Movie, 2016)

Unbeknownst to the general public, the Chaldea Security Organization relies on the study of a variety of specialists to predict prospective extinction events that pose a threat to humanity. Thankfully, their initial prediction for 2015 indicates safety for the following century. Nonetheless, the decision unexpectedly predicts the end of the planet in 2016. Without a discernible cause, Chaldea is only aware of a connection: the events of the Fifth Holy Grail War of 2004, the setting of Fate/stay night.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

In response, Chaldea has proclaimed a Grand Order to alter the past and restore the future. The protagonist Fujimaru Ritsuka, a new Chaldea recruit, and the mysterious Mash Kyrielight must travel back in time to do this.

Fans of the Fate series will fondly recall Grand Order as the popular gacha game with a compelling story despite its mobile nature. This film is an adaptation of the game’s “Observer on Timeless Temple” prologue.

Fate/Grand Order the movie – Divine Realm Of The Round Table: Camelot (Movies, 2020, 2021)

Ritsuka and Mash of Chaldea go through time, courtesy of Operation Grand Order, to “fix” Singularities that would have caused the destruction of Earth in 2016. During the Crusades, they discover their sixth Singularity this time.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

As with other Grand Order media, the Camelot films cover the sixth chapter of the video game Grand Order. Despite being simply a portion of a broader story, newcomers who see the flicks will find the narrative to be quite compelling. Fans will like how Camelot handles this chapter as both a self-contained story and one with broader significance for the overarching plot.

Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia (Anime, 2019)

Ritsuka and Mash, who are from Chaldea, go back in time to Mesopotamia in 2655 B.C. Their goal is to fix the Singularity now so that the Earth doesn’t end in 2016, but they are surprised by a region that is being attacked by monsters.

The two soon find out that Uruk, a fortress city, is humanity’s only chance against these monsters. To their surprise, Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, is now in charge of the last thing people can do to stop these monsters. And he has been asking for help from different Heroic Spirits.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

Like First Order, Babylonia uses a chapter from the game’s “Observer on Timeless Temple” story. This time, Babylonia takes the seventh chapter of the main game and turns it into a movie. Thanks to the way the anime is written, people who haven’t played Grand Order don’t have to in order to understand what’s going on in Babylonia.

Fate/Grand Order: Final Singularity – Grand Temple Of Time: Solomon (Movie, 2021)

Ritsuka and Mash are trying to fix the world’s timeline and stop Earth from ending when they find one last Singularity that needs to be fixed. Surprisingly, their trip ends in 2016, just as the world is about to end. Ritsuka and Mash must put an end to Solomon’s plans for good.

How to Watch Fate Anime in Order

This movie is scheduled to come out on July 30, 2021. Like the other Grand Order stories, this one is based on a chapter of “Observer on Timeless Temple.” This movie is about Solomon Singularity, which is the last part of the story.

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