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From Season 2 Release Date: Every Information That You Want to Know!

Like the creators’ previous show Lost, the new sci-fi horror show From had some interesting and puzzling mysteries, and it looks like we might get some answers to them.

The show, which airs in the UK on Sky and NOW, is officially coming back for a second season. We’re sure that this new run of episodes will bring up a lot of new mysteries and questions, but we should at least get an answer to that cliffhanger.

Michael Wright, president of Epix, where the show airs in the US, said when the show was first renewed: “Fans and critics alike were mystified, enthralled, and scared by the first season of From. Its creepy world, vivid characters, and thrilling scares did all of these things. We’ve been happy with the social talk that the From community has started, and we can’t wait for season 2 to continue this mysterious story with our dedicated fans.

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Stephen King, the master of horror, is a fan of. He said earlier this year on Twitter that the series is “real edge-of-your-seat stuff that’s believable and scary as hell.” So we’re sure that we all know someone who can’t wait for the second season.

From Season 2 Release Date

When season 2 of From was first announced, it was thought that the new episodes would start filming this summer and air sometime in 2023.

We’ll update this page when we know more about when the new season will start, but for now, that’s all the information we have.

Season 2 Be About

In April, Deadline said that season 2 of From will show “hidden truths about the nature and terrifying origins of the town begin to come to light, while the arrival of mysterious newcomers throws the lives of the town’s residents into chaos.”

Meanwhile, star Harold Perrineau told the magazine Variety that the only thing the writers have told him about a second season is that “Season 1’s monsters are just the start. That the bad things are even worse. If there’s something scarier than these monsters that eat flesh and leave your face on but eat your insides, it’s going to be a scary couple of years.”

From Cast Members

Most of the cast from season 1 of From should be back for season 2, with a few exceptions. Since Paul Zinno and Shaun Majumder’s characters died in season 1, we wouldn’t expect to see them back, but we would definitely expect to see Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Eion Bailey on the cast list.

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Here is a list of everyone you can expect to see in season 2 of From.

From Season 2 Release Date

  • Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno as Tabitha Matthews
  • Eion Bailey as Jim Matthews
  • David Alpay as Jade Herrera
  • Elizabeth Saunders as Donna Raines
  • Avery Konrad as Sara Myers
  • Elizabeth Moy as Tian-Chen Liu
  • Scott McCord as Victor
  • Ricky He as Kenny Liu
  • Chloe Van Landschoot as Kristi Miller
  • Pegah Ghafoori as Fatima Hassan
  • Corteon Moore as Ellis Stevens
  • Hannah Cheramy as Julie Matthews
  • Simon Webster as Ethan Matthews


From, a modern sci-fi horror show starring Harold Perrineau has been picked up for a second season of 10 episodes by Epix. The show will be made in Halifax, Nova Scotia, starting this summer, and it is expected to air in 2023.

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