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On Wednesday, Who is Goody Addams?

Nevermore Academy is home to all the weirdos and freaks that are deemed and termed “Outcasts” by the “Normies” of society. The aforementioned school accepts these outcasts, giving them a chance to flourish among their kind.

As the show goes on, it becomes clear that these outsiders aren’t just rebellious, edgy pranksters but are actually physically and intellectually different from the rest of society.

Although her aesthetic is dichromatically modest, Wednesday Addams, the pale and dangerous little goth girl, initially appears to be an extraordinarily brutal, give-no-f*ck person who embraces bloodshed and revels in disorder.

A few scenes later in the narrative, fresh information emerges, sending Wednesday a few surprises as she learns she has influence over something she hasn’t had much control over for the duration of the novel.

She discovers the history and ancestral lineage underlying her visions as she advances a short distance. In order to traverse the catastrophic enigma that lies ahead and endangers her very life, she must now rely on said power.

Addams’s Unexpected Abilities

Not long after enrolling in Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams learns she has unexpected abilities. Although Wednesday lacks control over these visions, this power comes with a jolt of images that can glimpse into both the past and the future.

When she touches a specific object or person, they are activated. The subsequent visions are connected to the object or person Addams touched, throwing her into a collage of key images from the past or the future.

While she waits for an attack on herself as foretold by a Seer long ago, Wednesday is steered left and riWho Is Goody Addamsght by these visions, despite their unreliability, as she attempts to solve all the crimes that a particular monster has been perpetuating.

Her mother Morticia Addams later informs her of these visions because she too first had them when she was her age. She also informs her that these abilities are familial and hereditary in nature.

This aligns with Wednesday’s own revelations and visions, one of which stands out from the others. A blonde girl of a similar age and appearance to her appears to her in this vision, but the setting is the time just before the Salem Witch Trials.

As Wednesday has more opportunities to interact with this girl and learn about her tragic past through visions, she discovers that the girl is Goody Addams, her ancestor.

The Abominable Truth About Crackstone and Goody Addams

Wednesday discovers that Goody Addams, one of the first outcasts during the 1600s when the witch trials were popular in the western world, is her ancestor. Joseph Crackstone, the founder of Jericho, eventually commanded that Goody and her Outcast family and friends be burned alive.

As her mother urged her to leave and create a better world for people like her, Goody did her best to free others but was unsuccessful. That ultimately resulted in the establishment of Nevermore Academy.

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Joseph Crackstone, a pilgrim, was vanquished by Goody, who then imprisoned him along with his soul in his crypt. Today’s residents of Jericho honor Crackstone as the town’s founder despite knowing the disgusting reality about the bigot.

Together They Walk Down a Vengeful Path.

Retaliation had devoured Goody Addams, and all she wanted was to exact it on Joseph Crackstone, the bigoted pilgrim.

Morticia explained to Wednesday how Goody was usurped by her need for vengeance and how she tried to beat Crackstone despite living a lonely life after losing her husband.

Who is Goody Addams?

Goody Addams warns Wednesday that people who follow the path of vengeance are doomed to a similar destiny and that she would inevitably have to live alone as well.

But not only does it turn out to be untrue, but Wednesday’s ancestor and spirit guide, in addition to her friends and family, play a significant role in bringing down the revived Crackstone.

The pilgrim impales Wednesday and abandons her to die when he emerges from the dead, brought back to life by his hateful and equally racist descendant Laurel Gates, and then Goody Addams reappears.

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Goody momentarily manifests through the necklace Morticia gave her daughter and heals her, bringing her back to life and giving her energy before she leaves to fight Crackstone once more.

But as she warns Wednesday, that’s the final time Goody Addams will show up before she vanishes forever. This could be the final Wednesday that viewers see the progenitor of the Outcasts because the main character has learnt a few things about visions.

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