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Power Ranger: Star Jason Frank’s Wife Files For Divorce

The White Ranger’s wife, who is married to ‘Power Rangers’ actor Jason David Frank, has filed for divorce and accused him of having an affair. Tammie Frank alleges Jason committed adultery in new court documents acquired by TMZ, and she lists this as one of the factors leading to their breakup.
The friction and tension in their marriage, according to Jason’s estranged wife, made it unworkable. She also claims she can no longer live with Jason due to his brutal treatment of her.

Power Ranger Star Jason Frank's Wife Files For Divorce (2) Jason, who is most known for his role as Tommy Oliver in the “Power Rangers” series, wed Tammie in May 2003; according to her, they split up on July 1. They do not share any young children.

The court is being asked by Jason’s ex-wife to give her the majority of their assets, which include a car and their Texas home. According to reports, Jason received the divorce papers over the weekend when he was in Texas for a Comic Con event.

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Jason Frank Hanged Himself After the Arguments with His Wife

We now know what happened in the hours before actor Jason David Frank committed himself, and the whole “Power Rangers” community is still in shock.

Who is Jason David Frank?

According to law enforcement sources, Friday, Jason and his wife Tammie booked into a motel in Texas. The two, who are going through a divorce, reportedly had separate rooms, but Tammie’s room eventually became the scene of an argument between the divorcing couple. Staff members were reportedly called to restore order when the situation became tense.
According to our law enforcement sources, the two got into another dispute at some point either late on Friday night or early on Saturday, and Jason then locked Tammie out of his room.

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According to our sources, Tammie called the police at around 5 AM on 5 AM Saturday because she was obviously worried about his safety. Officers were unable to reach Jason, so hotel management reportedly let them enter where they found the actor had hanged himself in the toilet.

Jason leaves behind his four children. His agent said, “He was incredibly close to his fans, friends, and family. He will be sorely missed.”

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