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Romantic Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime Will Get You in the Holiday Mood!

Officially, Halloween is over, so if your local CVS didn’t already have Christmas decorations out, it certainly does now. And your favorite streaming sites will soon have Christmas movies available. Amazon Prime Video features a sizable assortment of Christmas-themed films available year-round, however, the majority are television films. In November, they will begin adding theatrical movies to their roster, and we will keep track of everything for you. These are the best Christmas films now available on Amazon Prime.

What is the finest part of the holidays, other than providing the nicest Christmas gifts ever? You could make a case for peppermint hot chocolate or the fact that you can compile a wishlist of unusual gifts you’ve been coveting all year and ask people to buy them for you (or, you know, leave not-so-subtle hints).

The overwhelming view, though, is that the best part of the holiday season is wrapping up warm and watching Christmas movies. And I’m not going to argue!

In light of this, here is a comprehensive list of films you can stream from your sofa by visiting Amazon Prime. Even if you’ve seen some of these movies more times than you can count, that’s exactly what makes them so entertaining. Year after year, they become increasingly uplifting.

There is also the possibility that some of these will become new favorites, either because you never considered watching them during the winter season or because you missed them when they were first released. Importantly, you can *purchase* movies to add to your permanent Amazon movie collection if you so choose.

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Not certain where to begin? Don’t worry, I have all the options you require! Below are some of the best Christmas movies now available on Amazon Prime Video.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Ah, yes. The standard!! There’s a good chance you’ve watched this numerous times as a child, and it still provokes strong emotions in adults. (If you are more familiar with the 1990s television special, they also have it.) I know it sounds absurd, but a touch of Charlie Brown’s lovable sorrow is sometimes just what the holiday needs.

Die Hard

Almost everyone has an opinion on the “Is this a Christmas movie?” query, but the current consensus is that it is enjoyable to watch during the holidays, so yes. Eat a lot of pie and laugh at Bruce Willis doing cardio while running. It is essentially the ideal holiday evening!

Frosty the Snowman

You may be surprised at how timely this film still feels, given that you probably watched it 10,000 times as a child. Honestly, the fact that you’d rather play with a living snowman than do anything resembling work is still relevant. Make it a weeknight activity and imagine you’re 10 years old again.

The Night Before

A more contemporary “classic,” the tale of three friends who get together on Christmas Eve to drink, and the party is ultimately quite…sweet? In case you were worried, there are plenty of jokes about drugs, sex, vomiting, and other holiday movies.

A Christmas Story

Now that a sequel has been released, revisit the film that is still meme-worthy four decades later. Reconsider the tongue-in-cheek classic, “You’ll shoot your eye out” (Or, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, examine 1940s culture!) It was a strange moment!)

Tyler Perry’s a Madea Christma

There are certainly funnier Madea films out there, but this one has an “oh yeah, it’s hard to be around unpleasant family members over the holidays” vibe. Plus, the delivery of “Baby Jesus was born to the virgin Mary…J. Blige” is just hilarious.

Little Women

This is not only a holiday film, as it spans several years in the lives of the March sisters, but the family holiday parties (which are truly picture-perfect) are some of the film’s most memorable scenes. I dare you to watch this childhood favorite and not shed a tear when the sisters are eventually reunited.

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Certainly, this is a somewhat goofy film, but it certainly sold us all on falling in love in New York City. Possibly less so on the “meet your perfect companion and then leave it to *chance* whether you’ll see each other again” aspect, but the film makes an absurd premise work.


Bill Murray is a typical Grinch who must learn *vital* life lessons in this reworking of the classic A Christmas Carol. This time, though, Scrooge is a television executive who steals cabs from elderly women and must learn from the likes of Carol Kane. It was in advance of its time!

The Preacher’s Wife

Part love triangle, a part vehicle for Whitney Houston’s magnificent vocals, and part morality story about the importance of family; all corny Christmas cheer. In addition, witnessing Denzel Washington and Courtney B. Vance perform together is the Christmas gift you’ve always desired.

The Holiday

The definitive holiday romantic comedy; thank you, Nancy Meyers! Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) are bored of love (same, TBH), and with the holidays approaching, they need a change of scene. They discover each other online and decide to trade holiday residences. Iris travels to Los Angeles, while Amanda travels to London, with the hopes of enjoying some alone time. They did not anticipate falling in love.

Polar Express

You have read the book a million times, but how many times have you seen the film adaptation? On Christmas Eve, a small child joins the Polar Express, a mysterious train bound towards the North Pole. On the journey, he and the other youngsters learn about magic, friendship, courage, and the Christmas spirit. The CGI is crazy, but the plot is awesome! Promise!

Home Alone

Just in case you haven’t seen this film a billion times, let me summarise: 8-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is unintentionally left behind while his family travels to Paris for Christmas. Now he must figure out how to endure Christmas alone, especially because “sticky bandits” have targeted their home.

Home Alone 2 Lost in New York

This year, the McCallisters will spend the holidays in Florida. Everything is in order, and Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) and his family arrive at the airport without a hitch. He boards an aircraft and sits comfortably in his seat. The only issue is that he landed in New York. Fortunately, he has his father’s bag and uses his credit card ingeniously to subsist while they search for him. However, it turns out that the sticky bandits are also in New York (of course) and seeking revenge.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

This biographical film on the novelist Charles Dickens, the guy who authored A Christmas Carol, is a more affecting watch. It describes how the author, who was down on his luck after publishing three unsuccessful novels, created Ebenezer Scrooge and forever altered Christmas.

While You Were Sleeping

We’ve never met a Christmas rom-com we didn’t like. Lucy Moderatz (Sandra Bullock) is a railway worker with a major crush on a dashing commuter in this 1990s classic. One day, she saves him from a speeding train, but he nevertheless falls into a coma.
When the nurse mistakes her for his fiancée, she continues the ruse and spends Christmas with his household. She develops feelings for them, especially Peter’s brother Jack (Bill Pullman). Now she must determine how to tell them the truth without hurting their and her hearts.

Love Actually

Whether you like it or dislike it, there is no doubt that Love is one of the most-discussed holiday films. This collection of holiday-themed love stories follows nine unique characters and examines the nuances of their relationships, ranging from a middle school crush to a decades-long marriage.

Almost Christmas

In this comedy, Walter Meyer (Danny Glover) believed it would be a good idea to reunite his family for the holidays after losing the love of his life the previous year. In light of the strained relationships and ensuing upheaval, he begins to question the wisdom of his decision.

Last Christmas

Kate (Emilia Clarke) works as an elf in a London Christmas shop that is open all year, but she lacks any seasonal spirit. She is dissatisfied with life and has lost her optimism until she meets Tom (Henry Golding). Suddenly, she rediscovers the joy and passion within herself. However, her newfound love has been keeping something from her (just wait for the twist—really it’s something).

The Nightmare Before Christmas

King Jack Skellington of Halloween Town is tired of his annual ritual of frightening people. When he enters Christmas Town by chance, he discovers a world of multicolored lights, gifts, and happiness. Therefore, he devises a scheme to seize control over Christmas by kidnapping the man in the red suit. But not everything goes according to his plans.

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