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The Best Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime You Must Watch It!

Officially, Halloween is over, so if your local CVS didn’t already have Christmas decorations out, it certainly does now. And your favorite streaming sites will soon have Christmas movies available. Amazon Prime Video features a sizable assortment of Christmas-themed films available year-round, however, the majority are television films.

In November, they will begin adding theatrical movies to their roster, and we will keep track of everything for you. These are the best Christmas films now available on Amazon Prime.

A Christmas Carol (1984)

The timeless tale by Charles Dickens has become a hallmark of the holiday season, having been adapted and imitated innumerable times. However, this 1984 television film is one of the best examples. George C. Scott portrays Ebenezer Scrooge, an old miser who ruins Christmas for the Crachit family until he is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

The Christmas Eve narrative is rather well-established at this point, correct? Santa’s elves produce all the toys prior to Christmas, and Santa delivers them around the globe in a single night via sleigh. One Christmas night, things take an unexpected turn when one of the 600 million children on Santa’s list is overlooked.


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While Santa (Jim Broadbent) and the elves are willing to overlook a minor error on a night of victory, Santa’s misfit son Arthur (James McAvoy) refuses to overlook it. Arthur embarks on an unlawful trip halfway around the world to make the final present delivery before daybreak so that he can make his father proud and prove himself worthy of the Claus name.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Obviously, Christmas would not be Christmas without the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life. James Stewart portrays George Bailey, a man who is ready to end it all before an angel (Henry Travers) intervenes and shows him how the lives of the residents of Bedford Falls would have unfolded without him.

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George’s rare and ecstatic gratitude for his second chance at life is inspired by the vision. Ironically, upon its initial release, It’s a Wonderful Life was a commercial flop, but it is now as essential to our annual traditions as A Christmas Carol.

Christmas Lodge (2011)

Mary Tobin (Erin Karpluk) spent her childhood holidays at her family’s Christmas Lodge, and she cherishes the memories of those special times. But when she returns as an adult for a weekend getaway, she discovers that the lodge has fallen into disrepair over the years.

In addition, the family intends to put the lodge up for sale. Mary, lacking funds and under pressure, sets out to perform a Christmas miracle and restore the lodge’s former allure, all while finding love along the way.

A Snow Globe Christmas (2013)

This Lifetime Christmas film stars Alicia Witt and Donald Faison as a cynical TV executive (Witt) who awakens from a head injury to discover a completely different life. Here, she’s married to her former sweetheart (Faison) and has two children, residing in a seemingly ideal small town. However, the snow globe fantasy is not real, and the executive must decide which is more important to her: this fantasy or reality.

The Christmas Toy (1986)

A family-friendly film about toys coming to life cannot go wrong, especially when the Jim Henson Company is involved. The Christmas Toy originally aired on ABC in 1986 and tells the story of a collection of toys that cause mischief on Christmas Eve. Last Christmas, Rugby the Tiger was Jamie’s favorite toy, and he’s not about to be replaced.

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Rugby goes out to hide among the new toys, expecting to once again be the favorite, but he is unaware that, as a toy, he will be frozen forever if he is discovered out of place. Apple the Doll guides a group of toys into the house in order to save Rugby. The Christmas Toy is appropriate watching for kids (even if “the kids” are largely adults) since it is amusing and as wholesome as one would expect from a Jim Henson Company production.

Christmas in Mississippi (2017)

In Christmas in Mississippi, Holly (Jana Kramer) discovers that contrary to popular belief, you may return home. Five years ago, when a hurricane slammed Gulfport, the city last put on its famed Christmas light spectacular. Mike, her high school sweetheart, shares Holly’s desire to assist in making it happen this year (Wes Brown).


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Holly does not desire a repeat performance given how poorly he treated her heart the last time. However, with her mother (Faith Ford) pushing her in one direction and Mr. Kriss (Barry Bostwick) jumping in for good measure, it won’t be long until these two old lovebirds begin flying together again.

A Bride for Christmas (2012)

Jessie (Arielle Kebbel) has recently broken up with her third – yes, third – fiancé. She determines that commitment is not for her. Aiden (Andrew W. Walker), on the opposite end of the spectrum, rarely reaches the “going steady” phase before moving on to the next woman.
Indignant at his friend Matt’s (Peter Benson) assertion that women can tell he’s unwilling to commit, Aiden accepts to a peculiar wager: he must convince a lady to marry him before Christmas. Matt already knows that Jessie has banned long-term partnerships, so he directs Aiden toward her. In this Christmas-themed romantic comedy, Matt believes he has everything under control, but he is in for a surprise.

Christmas on the Bayou (2013)

In the romantic comedy Christmas on the Bayou, Katherine (Hilarie Burton) is confronted with some tough decisions in life. Katherine has worked hard to become a successful marketing executive, but she begins to worry that all of the time she spends working is affecting her son Zack negatively (Brody Rose).

She determines that bringing Zack back to her hometown for the holidays would be a welcome change for both of them. Caleb (Tyler Hilton), her childhood sweetheart, does all in his power to persuade her to leave the big city and return home. Katherine will need the counsel of her mother (Markie Post) and the sage Papa Noel (Ed Asner) to determine which path to take after being struck by Cupid and enticed by a less hectic way of life.

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