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Which Scene From “Andor” Caused Diego Luna to Cry on the Set?

Diego Luna‘s continuously astounding performances in Tony Gilroy’s critically acclaimed series Andor’s first season’s twelve episodes have emphasized why Cassian Andor is one of the best characters the Star Wars franchise has ever produced.

He has risen to the occasion while never losing sight of the real human element that makes Cassian such a compelling figure, whether he has been planning methods to raise enough money to ultimately depart Ferrix or realizing the true price of disobedience. It’s challenging to single out a single sequence when Luna’s outstanding acting abilities stand out more than others.

Which Scene From Andor Caused Diego Luna to Cry on the Set (1)

Steve Weintraub of Collider sat down with the actor the night before the Andor season finale to talk about the show. When questioned about the Season 1 scenes that proved to be the most difficult to shoot throughout the interview, Luna gave an unexpected response.

Cassian embarks on a quest to save Bix (Adria Arjona) from the Empire in the finale, while the officers are preoccupied with managing the throng at Cassian’s mother’s funeral. When Marva (Fiona Shaw) uses a hologram to deliver her own eulogy, it transforms into one of the most moving moments in Star Wars history and serves as a call to action to rebel against the Empire. The emotional content of this scene was what made it the most difficult for Luna to watch. The performer clarified:

Well, I was walking underneath Ferrix [and] the director started playing the words of Marva. So I was listening to the music for a moment, and then the words. With the music, it was just before the words. Let’s talk about the music. I’m walking underneath Ferris, and I’m hearing the music, and I just started crying. I didn’t want the character to cry there. It was like, “Shit, no, this can’t be happening.” I got so emotional. So emotional. And it means a lot to me, on a personal level. That relationship between Cassian and Marva, and the way she ends up setting him in the right direction. I think it’s such a strong, strong piece of Cassian’s story, and I get emotional just by talking about it. It is, for me, the strongest relation, and it’s clearly Maarva’s example [that] sets him in that ride that will end in Rogue One. It was really tough to keep my emotions. To keep it strong because I didn’t want him to break there. It had to be later on. I didn’t want it to break there, and it was impossible.

Luna continued to commend Gilroy for how the entire first season is resolved in the finale “I’ll just say that it amazes me every time I discuss the series how nothing is [taken] for granted in our show. The writing by Tony and the other writers is superb.

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Nothing goes to waste. absolutely everything And because everything has a connection, it’s just incredible for an actor to be able to work with that material. Even though I enjoy many episodes of the show, none of them compare to 12, in my opinion.”

When Can We Expect Season 2 of Andor?

The showrunner revealed that the series will probably return for its second and last season on the same schedule as Season 1, which means most likely in 2024, in an interview with Tony Gilroy.

As the series heads toward the events of that movie, Luna is expected to return to the role of Cassian Andor, and it’s probable that other performers with ties to Rogue One, including Genevieve O’Reilly and Duncan Pow, will as well.

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Andor’s entire debut season is available to stream right now. The first two episodes of the series are also available this week on ABC, Freeform, FX, and Hulu for the first time ever.

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