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Who is Sean Kugler? Why Did the Cardinals Fire Sean Kugler?

Who is Sean Kugler?

Since 1990, Kugler has been an instructor. The 56-year-old began his career in high school but has since ascended to important college and NFL positions.

Kugler’s five years as head coach at his alma university, UTEP, represented the pinnacle of his coaching career (2013-17). In that period, he had a record of 18-36.

Kugler has worked with the Lions, Bills, Steelers, and Broncos in the NFL. He gained the majority of it while coaching the offensive line, but he also has experience working with tight ends.

Who is Sean Kugler

For the Cardinals, Kugler was in charge of planning their rushing attack. In Week 12 of this season, which should be a straightforward game against the Chargers’ weak run defense, it will be intriguing to watch how they do without him.

Why Did the Cardinals Fire Sean Kugler?

According to ESPN, former Cardinals assistant coach Sean Kugler was sacked after the team received information from Mexican authorities that he had molested a woman while the team was in Mexico City for its Week 11 game against the 49ers. Kugler was sent back to Arizona on Monday after the team learned of the incident Sunday night.

After Arizona’s head coach Kliff Kingsbury spoke to the media on Tuesday after the team returned home from their 38-10 loss at Estadio Azteca during Monday Night Football, the word of Kugler’s dismissal quickly spread.

Who is Sean Kugler

Kugler, 56, previously worked as the running game coordinator and offensive line coach at Arizona. He started working for the Cardinals in 2019. Kugler coached with the Broncos, Steelers, Bills, and Lions, as well as a number of collegiate programs, prior to his employment in Arizona.

According to the Arizona Republic, Kingsbury stated on Tuesday, “It’s tough whenever you make a staff change in that type of fashion, and I’m just going to leave it at that.” A Cardinals assistant coach is accused of assaulting a woman twice already this year.

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After it was revealed that James Saxon had assaulted a woman in May at her Indianapolis home, the Arizona running backs coach was put on administrative leave during the preseason. On October 6, Saxon entered a guilty plea to one count of domestic assault and left his position shortly after.

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