Take a Look at the Anime Like Oregairu You Should Watch It!

Oregairu is a series that will leave you heartbroken and weeping because you can no longer learn about the characters’ lives after the conclusion of the story. This is a typical occurrence within the Slice Of Life Genre, and we have assembled a list of series and films that evoke similar emotions. But that is not the only reason why Oregairu is popular with fans; they also watch it for the philosophical comments Hachhiman delivers and screencap them.

And bemoan how accurate his assessment of life’s happenings is. However, as he matures, we see him transform from a pessimistic person to one with a more optimistic outlook on life, resulting in a bittersweet conclusion. The following list is in no particular order, and all of these anime are worth seeing for reasons other than a simple like for Oregairu.

Anime Like Oregairu

The following list is not ranked. They are written at random, and we have endeavored to keep action-based scenes to a minimum, as they tend to overshadow character development. Regardless, without further ado, included below are excellent anime similar to Period.

If you have anime recommendations of your own, feel free to comment below on which anime you believe embodies the feeling of a melancholy-driven drama with a philosophical outlook. Consequently, without further ado, let’s examine the first item on the list.


Numerous parallels exist between Hyouka and Oregairu. An introverted protagonist surrounded by a loud world, a sister who is obnoxious but vital to their existence, etc. But the primary resemblance between the two stories is their emphasis on school life; whereas in many shows, high school is merely a backdrop, both series use it as a means for people to mature and contemplate their future. But the paths both series take to get there are distinct, and unlike Hikkigaya, Hotarou enjoys being alone.

Monogatari Series

Both Monogatari and Oregairu feature a large number of characters with unique difficulties, albeit in different contexts. In addition, Koyomi’s pessimism is in no way comparable to Hachiman’s; he is the polar opposite of him and seeks to help him.

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Even though they would have an uneasy encounter if they were to share a room, the protagonists of the respective series have nothing but the best intentions for everyone around them. Finally, this series is ideal for individuals who wish to jump into a long, uninterrupted series. Monogatari is one of the largest franchises available.

Sakura Pet Kanojo

Numerous sequences in this anime are heartbreaking, similar to Oregairu. Although Oregairu was first skeptical, Sakura Pet Na Kanojo was initially optimistic. This causes the tragic parts in this anime to be even more depressing, as the audience witnesses the characters’ gradual descent into this state.


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How the series achieves this makes us empathize with the characters on a deeper level and even triggers some of our anxieties, allowing us to relate to them. The anime is entertaining, but you should also read the light novel because the two have distinct endings.

Classroom Of The Elite

This is one of the anime adaptations of Light Novels that have been making the rounds around the world. The series is comparable to Oregairu in that the conventional approach to high school is thrown out the window and an alternative viewpoint is presented.

In contrast to Oregairu, however, Classroom of the Elite does this through the setting, concept, and character objectives. Ayanokoji resembles Hikkigaya superficially, but he suffers from a separate set of difficulties that even the high schooler will find difficult to resolve.


Haganai, also known as I have no friends, is a series in which a club is founded for people to learn how to make friends. There is one major issue: none of the members know how to make any in the first place, which contradicts the club’s existence.

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However, this is anime logic, so the school allows the students to have their club! However, Haganai approaches themes of connection and closeness with others from a unique angle. The series consisted of two seasons and a live-action movie.

Kokoro Connect

It would be difficult to compile a list of high school series without including this one. Kokoro link continues to be one of the best high school anime in the business and has not yet been dethroned in this regard. Similar to Haganai, the premise involves outcasts of the school forming a new club for themselves.

But unlike Haganai, they do it to find a place for themselves, as the five are immediately dragged into the supernatural affairs of the school when the story begins. The plot has its fair share of amusing and tragic parts, and we will also highlight several anime with a humorous focus.


The flower we saw that day, or Anohana, is an anime that evokes similar emotions in its viewers as Oregairu. The show and film are examples of what an original can accomplish. Though original, non-adapted anime had become less common, the practice of studios creating original intellectual properties is gradually returning. This particular series consists of 11 episodes that may be seen in one sitting. We cannot guarantee that the tears will cease even after days of viewing.

Rascal Don’t Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Another supernaturally-tinged series is about people enduring life’s difficulties as a result of what society has imposed on them. Nonetheless, it is appropriate to say that this series is a combination of the Oregairu and Monogatari series because it contains elements from both.

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In general, though, it follows the Monogatari method, which focuses on one female per season. The first season focused on Mai, the second on Tomoe, etc. The series’ popularity led to the creation of a film adaptation.


The ideal way to characterize Toradora is as the adult romance of high school kids. This is what made this anime popular when it was initially broadcast. For many lovers of the medium, Taiga’s status as a Tsundere was a bonus, and she would still rank in the top 10 Tsundere of all time, but that’s a matter for another day.


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The primary characters are from families with absent individuals, and the novel also functions as a coming-of-age narrative that predicts what growing up involves regardless of the circumstances.

Hanasuaku Iroha

Hanasoka Iroha is an overlooked gem that few people have heard of, but those who have are raving about it. Ohana is forced to relocate to her grandmother’s inn in the countryside after her mother eloped with her boyfriend to escape her father’s debt.

Infuriated and bewildered, she encounters her grandma as if for the first time, and her grandmother treats her as such. If Ohana wanted to stay with her, she had to work at the inn and earn her living quarters, but Ohana welcomed this stern and straightforward Matriarchy.

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