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Andrea Ivanova: Woman With the Biggest Lips in the World

For those of you who don’t know, Andrea Ivanova is the woman with the biggest lips in the world. She is from Bulgaria, and people say that her lips are the biggest in the world. She is 25 years old right now.

Andrea started changing her body in 2018, and she just recently posted on Instagram that she had chin and jaw fillers to celebrate her birthday. She said, “Last month was my birthday, and I celebrated by getting jaw filler. I’ll keep my lips moving while I do this, of course.”

The social media star went on to say that she now wants to be known as having the “longest and pointiest chin in the world.” She also said, “I love my lips, and I want that new record.” She will have to pay about $285 per injection of hyaluronic acid. This will have to be done every two weeks.

Andrea Ivanova is Endangering Her Life.

Doctors have told Ivanova that she is putting her life in danger and that the next injection could kill her. Her big lips have already made it hard for her to do simple things like eating.


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Andrea said, “My doctor said he thinks I’m overdoing it again by putting fillers in my chin. He said that about my lips, though. I want to do more because I think I need to make my chin longer and sharper.”

In a previous interview with the media, the “plastic prodigy” talked about her larger lips and said, “Many men from all over the world write to me on my social media networks all the time offering me money, trips, and meetings.”

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Profile on Instagram

Instagram is a social media website where Andrea Ivanova has a profile. She currently has more than 24k Instagram followers. She has 1934 posts on her Instagram feed as of right now.

We found a few photos of Andrea Ivanova showing off her enlarged lips as we scrolled through her Instagram feed, as well as a number of pictures of her with her close friends and family.

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