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1000 Miles From Christmas Ending Explained: Does Seb Find Happiness in the End?

Ral, an auditor who despises Christmas, is sent to a little village where everyone is preoccupied with the holiday season for one last work before the season is over in the film 1000 Miles From Christmas. For a while, he is able to hold back the contagious excitement felt by everyone present, but ultimately it seeps into his very bones as well.

Ral offers assistance and hope when the town’s quest to set a world record is threatened by financial issues, but when the problems extend beyond the nativity, it becomes apparent that he may need to do a little more for the residents of Valverde.

Valverdes isn’t exactly the wealthiest town, in essence. Many people in the area work in the neighborhood nougat factory, and when Ral finds some problems with the accounts, he notices a few things that worry him. He allows manufacturing manager Mateo (Peter Vives), who had been a little carried away by the local festivities, some time to gather his thoughts before submitting his report.

1000 Miles From Christmas Ending Explain

The issue is that because Mateo views Ral as a potential love rival, he decides to use his information against him when speaking to Paula (Andrea Ros). However, when one of the factory workers overhears him disparaging Ral to her, it sparks a round of Chinese whispers that leads to everyone in the community wanting Ral to leave. Mateo has the opportunity to intervene and become Paula’s love interest as he has always desired.

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However, it turns out that Mateo set up Raal’s audit of the nougat factory as a ruse so that he could sell the company that had been in his family for years because he didn’t want to stay in the community forever. When Ral realizes this, he poses a threat because he is the only one who can expose Mateo’s plan to the entire town, which will undoubtedly have negative feelings toward the factory owner due to how his actions would affect them.


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As a result, Mateo decides to leave him behind in the mountains in an effort to conceal the secret. Naturally, albeit somewhat predictably, Ral returns to town in time to inform everyone of Mateo’s misdeeds, rescuing not only the day but also Christmas and everyone in Valverdes’ way of life.

Does Seb Find Happiness in the End?

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Plot Summary

We enter the world of our protagonist Raul (played by Tomas Novar), who has the strongest attitude toward Christmas as a phenomenon, as it is Christmastime in Madrid. He is overly negative and caustic about it. But the only thing that matters is that he loves himself. His boss sends him on an audit to the most picturesque village of Valverde to check the books of a chocolate fudge factory, well aware of his temperament.

1000 Miles From Christmas

He agrees to it while secretly regretting it and proceeds to the destination to begin his voyage with a rough encounter with the Manager of the Nativity scene and a girl, who we later learn is named Paula (portrayed by Andrea Ros). Christmas for Raul changes completely after he meets the proprietor of the motel.

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Raul then starts to comprehend his role and goal in the community and immediately realizes that some of the chocolate fudge factory’s financial statements do not add up. While Paula and Raul develop a close bond, Mateo, the factory owner’s son, and a passive antagonist, steps forward to influence Paula and deceive Raul about his intentions for her, leading to intense friction between the two of them.

The daughter of the hotel owner Blanca, Paula, has the best interests of the entire community at heart. She hopes to unite the community to break the record for the largest live nativity scene by the Guinness World Book Records.

Raul sets off on a new journey to confront his feelings for Paula and tell her the truth about the factory and its future after dressing as the Christmas Grinch. The narrative travels through mountains of snow while providing a sweet tale of love at Christmas.


Lvaro Fernández Armero, the director, guides you through the charming Spanish village of Valverde while harping on Christmasy hues and tones with feelings of love and community by candlelight. We witness the transformation of a troubled boy’s Christmas memories via Tomas Novar’s Raul as he encounters genuine love for the first time as an adult.

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Alvaro Fernandez Armero, a Spanish director, produced the movie 1000 Miles from Christmas. It is based on the journey of an auditor who discovers that Christmas can bring him true love, hope, and joy all at once. Netflix is presently streaming it.

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