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Boruto: Sakura’s Voice Actor Has Been on Indefinite Leave Due to Illness!

The Japanese talent agency Axl One announced on November 28 that Chie Nakamura, who voices Sakura in the Boruto series, will be taking a break for an undetermined amount of time. Axl One says that Nakamura has ulcerative colitis, which is why he needs to take a break.

Nakamura’s indefinite break is likely to have the biggest effect on her role as Sakura Haruno in the Boruto anime series, which airs once a week. With the way the series bridges the gap between manga-canon events and anime-original material, Nakamura’s indefinite hiatus may change how the series handles its original storylines.

Chie Nakamura’s most famous role is Sakura Haruno in the Boruto series and the Naruto series that came before it. It is also likely the only role that will be affected by her upcoming break. Most of Nakamura’s other credits seem to be from series that are either over or only run for a short time, making her break less noticeable in either case.

Boruto: Sakura's voice actor on indefinite leave due to illness

As was briefly mentioned above, Nakamura has ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that can cause inflammation and ulcers, or sores, in the digestive tract. Some of the symptoms are stomach pain, cramps, and tiredness, which are probably the ones that make it hardest to keep using your voice.

Axl One said that Nakamura had been getting tested for the last month because of her bad health, and the results showed that she had ulcerative colitis. There is no cure, which is bad news for Nakamura. Instead, people with the disease are given ways to ease the symptoms. So, if Nakamura wants to keep doing voice work, she will have to learn to live with and control this.

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There is no current return date for her. Axl One asserts that Nakamura’s health is the top priority, with the talent agency likely desiring to give her as much time as she needs to learn how to manage the disease effectively.

Despite the optimistic tone of the report regarding her eventual return, there is a possibility that Nakamura will instead retire from her roles in the Naruto franchise and other series. This is, however, purely speculative as of the writing of this article, as neither Axl One nor any other credible sources have reported anything of the sort.

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