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Is a Christmas Story Christmas a Set for a Sequel!

We talk about whether or not A Christmas Story Christmas is a sequel or a reboot of the HBO Max movie.

A Christmas Story was the first broadcast to the public in 1983. Family members would watch it as a tradition throughout the holidays. It has since become a classic. A Christmas Story Christmas is being released on HBO Max about 40 years after the original film. Is it a sequel or a reboot? is the main query. We discuss every aspect of the movie, including some unexpected facts you might not be aware of

A Christmas Story Christmas About

An Advent Story Ralphie, who is trying his best to navigate life when it throws him a major curveball, is the main character of Christmas. He must put everything on hold and make an effort to give his children a Christmas they will never forget while coping with a devastating loss. Nick Schenk and Clay Kaytis wrote the screenplay, with Kaytis serving as the director.

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If you watched the trailer, you probably noticed that several actors from the first A Christmas Story returned for the sequel. Ralphie is portrayed by Peter Billingsley, Randy Parker by Ian Petrella, Flick by Scott Schwartz, and Scut Farkus by Zack Ward.


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Numerous other characteristics, including the mansion featured in the movie to evoke nostalgia for the original, are also something you’ll probably notice.

Is a Christmas Story Christmas Set to Sequel

Okay, let’s address the main concern of the day: is A Christmas Story Christmas a remake or a continuation? Funny enough, the response will probably surprise a lot of you, as it did me.

An Advent Story Actually, the eighth film in the Parker Family franchise, Christmas. You read that right—there will be eight installments. Therefore, I discovered that the following films are all a part of this franchise while conducting my study to determine whether this film is a sequel or a reboot

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  • The Open Hearth’s Phantom (1976)
  • Disasters such as The Great American Fourth of July (1982)
  • An Advent Story (1983)
  • Romance Between the Stars: Josephine Cosnowski (1985)
  • The Happiness Haven of Ollie Hopnoodle (1988)
  • It’s in the Family: A Summertime Tale (1994)
  • A second Christmas Story (2012)
  • Christmas in A Christmas Story (2022)

The film series is based on Jean Shepherd’s book “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash.” The first movie, The Phantom of the Open Hearth, was filmed in 1976 as a result of the book’s critical success. Of course, before A Christmas Story became the first of the series to hit theatres, as you can see above, we had another movie come out.

The critical reception for A Christmas Story was mixed, and the movie’s box office performance fell short of expectations. But as we all know, the film has gained a cult following and is now seen in homes all over the world. From 1985 until 1994, we also saw several further movies in the franchise, most of which were hit or miss. Finally, A Christmas Story 2 was released in 2012 after a nearly twenty-year absence.

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Let’s go ahead to January 2022, when Warner Bros. revealed there would be a new movie in the series. And it’s at this point that you and I learn the movie is a “legacy sequel.” In essence, that means that while taking place in the future, the movie will continue in certain ways from the original. It offers a new perspective while retaining some of the original’s authenticity.

In Hungary and Bulgaria, they began filming the movie soon after the announcement. With replicas of the house and neighborhood, the production team was tasked with recapturing the vintage feel of the first movie. It’s amazing in this day and age how quickly this movie went from production to HBO Max in less than ten months.

Of course, the idea and the script were already in place, but it took some crazy organization to get a cast, crew, and locations all shot, edited, and ready for release in that short of time.

Frequently Asked Question

A Sequel to a Christmas Story Exists?

A Christmas Story Christmas, with Peter Billingsley reprising his role as Ralphie, is the legendary holiday film’s long-awaited sequel as a result of its popularity.

A Remake of a Christmas Story is There?

favored on Variety. The official trailer for “A Christmas Story Christmas,” which HBO Max debuted some 40 years after the original’s release, announced the start of the holiday season and Peter Billingsley’s Ralphie Parker’s comeback.

Is a Christmas Story 2 a Sequel to It Running in the Family?

The little-known prequel to A Christmas Story was released in 1994 called My Summer Story. Director Bob Clark and writer Jean Shepherd have once again collaborated on My Summer Story, which was originally named It Runs in the Family.

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