Why Do Beth and Jamie Hate Each Other on Yellowstone?

On the well-liked Yellowstone television series on the Paramount Network, Jamie and Beth grew up as siblings (2018- ).

From the beginning, Beth was clear that she didn’t trust Jamie; this distrust subsequently turned into a ferocious loathing. But why is Beth so hostile toward Jamie?

On Yellowstone, Beth despises Jamie because he prevents her from having biological children. Beth became pregnant as a teen with Rip’s child and turned to Jamie for support. He transported her to a native American abortion clinic without telling her, where the procedure includes sterilization.

Jamie betrayed Beth by keeping her in the dark about the abortion’s effects, which Beth will never be able to forgive.

Another factor contributing to their poisonous relationship is the fact that they hold very dissimilar views of morality, values, and the world in general.

In addition, Beth is aware that Jamie is an adopted person and not a Dutton by blood. Because of his family’s background, Jamie has a tendency toward evil, and Beth has decided to make his life as miserable as possible.

Why Did Jamie Sterilise Beth?

As we learned from a flashback in Season 3, Jamie let her sister be sterilized on purpose without even asking her permission. Jamie has always acted perplexed over her sister’s animosity toward him, despite everything he took from her.
The cast of Yellowstone revealed that Jamie thought getting Beth sterilized was in Beth’s best interests. The only option is to conceal the occurrence from John and safeguard Rip as well as to take her to an abortion clinic on the Indian Reservation.

Amazingly, Jamie believes he did nothing wrong, which explains why he has no idea why his sister is angry.

From his point of view, he was there for Beth when she needed him and tried to keep everyone safe.

Is Beth Ever Foregive to Jamie?

Jamie’s secret agreement to have a hysterectomy will never be forgotten by Beth. She attributed his betrayal to Jamie’s evil nature and is determined to make every moment of his waking life miserable.

Because Jamie repeatedly betrayed the family who took him in, Beth also hates him. She adores her father and desires more than anything to please him, which includes putting an end to anyone who challenges him.

Beth and Jamie Hate Each Other

The actress Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth in the film Yellowstone, brought up an intriguing point during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight:

“There are times when I feel terrible for Jamie. I believe that Jamie and Beth and I have a very toxic relationship. It is so rife with betrayal. And very painful for her. But I believe she loved him, which is why everything is there.

Beth had no reason to despise Jamie prior to his evil deed. She naturally loved him as a sister would a brother, which is why his betrayal left her permanently scarred.

Why Does the Dutton Family Hate Jamie?

Jamie has faithfully taken the course John Dutton set for him his entire life. He attended Harvard, rose to the top of the legal profession, and did everything in his power to keep his family safe. He has received nothing but mistrust, abuse, and contempt from the Duttons.

Jamie is despised by the Dutton family since he is not a true Dutton. Since his adoption as a child, the family has just tolerated him. Except for Beth Dutton, the Duttons’ animosity for Jamie is not apparent at the beginning of the series. The first significant disagreement between Jamie and the Duttons arose when he “selfishly” refused to withdraw his attorney general campaign.

Beth and Jamie Hate Each Other

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Additionally, some fans believe that John adopted Beth’s long-standing animosity against Jamie after he learned about the abortion facility in Season 4. It’s also conceivable that Jamie will gradually come to terms with all of his experiences and emerge as the new antagonist of the next Season 5. That would certainly be a twist.

Why Did John Dutton Adopt Jamie?

In an unexpected turn of events during Yellowstone Season 3, we learned that Jamie is actually an adopted child. When his mother was murdered by his father when he was only three months old, the Duttons took him under their wing.

Why John and Evelyn Dutton chose to adopt Jamie is unknown. Some followers believe that John’s mother played a significant role in his life or was Evelyn’s sister.

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Who Is Jamie Dutton’s Real Father?

Garrett Randall is Jamie Dutton’s real dad. Before reuniting with Jamie, he had been living on a rural ranch after serving his prison term for the murder of his wife.

Jamie looked for answers from his biological father after learning that John is not his biological father. When they first met, he questioned Randall about his prior deeds, and Randall was willing to accept and defend his wrongdoing.

Randall was able to manipulate Jamie into supporting the “Yellowstone empire” and persuade him to do so.

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