Will the U.A. Traitor Arc Be Covered in My Hero Academia Season 6? Explained

Manga readers may be curious as to whether the U.A. Traitor plotline will be addressed before the end of My Hero Academia Season 6.

For quite some time, the subplot has been consigned to the background. Currently, the U.A. High School has no leads on a suspected traitor among its ranks. Obviously, the Paranormal Liberation War poses more immediate worries. Nonetheless, what transpires subsequently will be crucial.

According to the official website, Season 6 of My Hero Academia will consist of 25 episodes, as in previous seasons. At this point in the manga, readers can attempt to predict what will occur.

This Article Speculates as to Whether or Not My Hero Academia Season 6 Will Feature the U.A. Traitor:

What is Left for the Paranormal Liberation War?

The most exciting phases of the Paranormal Liberation War are about to begin. The following events will take place in My Hero Academia Season 6:

My Hero Academia Season 6

  • Dabi still has to reveal himself to be Toya Todoroki
  • Gigantomachia has to be neutralized by several heroes
  • Mirio Togata needs to make his dramatic return
  • Mr. Compress will have to rescue Shigaraki and Spinner
  • Re-Destro, Geten, and Trumpet have to be captured
  • Shigaraki needs to make his escape and head for Tartarus
  • Class 1-A students need to react to Midnight’s death

As was already said, Season 6 of My Hero Academia will have a total of 25 episodes. The tenth episode, called “The Ones Within Us,” will come out on December 3, 2022. The Paranormal Liberation War might take a few more episodes to finish. That leaves room for enough content for half a season.

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Look at the Remaining Arcs Below.

From Chapter 253 to Chapter 306, the Paranormal Liberation arc took place. But from what I can tell, My Hero Academia Season 6 will only need a little more than half of the season to cover the 50 manga chapters. In comparison, the rest of the arcs will be much smaller, with the obvious exception of the last one:

My Hero Academia Season 6

There is a chance that the U.A. traitor arc will happen near the end of My Hero Academia Season 6. There are fewer chapters in the next three arcs than there were in the Paranormal Liberation War. But just based on the story, it would go well with the Final Arc, which probably takes up most of a season by itself.

Why Should You Wait for the Next Season?

Studio Bones has a good reason to save the U.A. traitor storyline for Season 7. It might not be possible in Season 6 of My Hero Academia. But from the point of view of a story, this would make perfect sense. The U.A. Traitor arc fits perfectly with the Final Arc.

My Hero Academia Season 6

Yuga Aoyama was forced to work for AFO even though he did not want to. But with Izuku Midoriya’s help and understanding, he is able to repay the favor after his short arc. He was very important in getting AFO to come out into the open.

In the Final Arc, the heroes were able to set up good fights against the bad guys with the help of Aoyama. The U.A. Traitor arc might not happen in Season 6 of My Hero Academia, but it will definitely happen in Season 7.

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