Will Start-up Season 2 Be Renewed or Cancelled? Here’s the Complete Details!

In the first season of StartUp, the story of Seo Dal-Mi took some interesting turns. The show’s interesting plot kept people watching until the end, and now they want Start-UP Kdrama Season 2. The first season of this Kdrama was pretty realistic and adult. Also, it was great that the characters’ personal relationships didn’t get in the way of their professional growth. So, after a great first book, will fan be able to read the second one? Read on to learn.

Start-UP is a romantic drama TV show from South Korea. It was about Seo Dal-mi, who wants to be a business owner like Steve Jobs. On October 17, 2020, the first episode started to air. The show had 16 episodes in total before it ended on December 6 of the same year. After the show ended on tvN, it became available to watch on Netflix.

The Storyline of Start-Up Series

Start-Up’s first season is all about Seo Dal-mi. She is smart and full of life, and she wants to be the Steve Jobs of Korea. The story takes place in a made-up place called Silicon Valley and is mostly about the people who work for new companies. Dal-mi doesn’t come from a very good family, but she loves what she does and has worked at a number of part-time jobs. She met with Nam Do-san, who started Samson tech, later. She thought Nam Do-san was her first love, but she was wrong. And Do-san decided to join her to show her that she was wrong.

Start-Up Season 2

There were problems, but the two of them worked things out pretty well. But Dal-mi found out that Nam Do-san was not the person she had loved since she was a child. Then Dal-mi and Nam Do-san split up because Nam Do-san went to Silicon Valley to work in an IT company and Dal-mi stayed in South Korea. But later, they met again by chance and worked together again to make a way for blind people to drive.

Renewal Status of Start-Up Season 2

Dramas from South Korea are getting more and more popular all over the world these days. This is because people all over the world watched a lot of Kdrama during the pandemic, which made it very popular all of a sudden. Start-Up is one of these shows that became very popular during this time. Fans and critics alike had a huge amount to say about the Kdrama’s first season.

Start-Up Season 2

Even more, people watched it after it was added to Netflix’s library. But most Kdramas only last for one season, and it’s not often that they get a second season. There are some shows that have more than one season, like Hospital Playlist, Kingdom, and Love Alarm. Also, the first season of the Kdrama ended on a happy note and didn’t leave any loose ends for Start-Up Kdrama Season 2. So, there aren’t many chances that fans will ever get to see this show again.

Release Date of Start-Up Season 2

As was already said, there aren’t many chances that this Kdrama will come back. Only if Netflix decides to take over making the show and renew it for another run will there be a second season. If this happens, fans can expect Season 2 of Start-Up Kdrama to come out in 2022.

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Cast of Start-Up Season 2

The main actors in “Start-Up” are Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho, and Kang Han-na, all of whom are very talented. Suzy plays Dal-Mi, who is very bossy.

Since her first role in the musical play fantasy High in 2010, she has done some really great work. Nam Joo-Hyuk, who plays Do-San, first caught people’s attention when he played a supporting role in “The Trap.”

Start-Up Season 2

After that, that seemed to be where Weight Training Fairy was going. Kim Bok-Joo’. The Institution Nurse Documents, his last show before “Early Start-Up,” is also a great Netflix Original series. Kim Seon-Ho does a great job of showing what Han Ji-Pyeong has to do.

  • Bae Suzy as SEO Dal-Mi Nam
  • Joo-Hyuk as Nam Do-San
  • Kim Sun-Ho as Han Ji-Pyeong
  • Kang Han-Na as Won In-Jae
  • Stephanie Lee as Jung Sa-Ha Yoo
  • Su-Bin as Lee Cheol-San

Reviews of Start-Up Season 1

The first episode broke my heart, which is why it was so appealing. The story and the way the movie was shot were both interesting. I was impressed by Dal Mi’s strong woman character when I saw how much she wanted to start her own business.

I knew for sure that I would love this dramatization. But after that… The launch had excellent possible. The stories about the people could have been a lot better. In the end, they all came down to just a romantic plot.

As I watched more, the show stopped making sense and turned into a frustrating love story. I wished the characters could grow and develop, but at the end of the day, this turned out to be a typical kdrama.

I really didn’t want to keep watching this drama because it had a lot of plot holes and a complicated (and, dare I say, too early) style. Han Ji Pyeong is a person who is self-centered on the outside but selfless on the inside.

Start-Up Season 2

He made more money as a teenager when he was homeless and using library wifi. He also started his career faster at a younger age with less and less going for him than SST kids, and the show made the boys want to play the pity Olympics in front of him.

They talk to him and about him as if he’s a rich man who’s never been in a fight. Might never understand what they mean by “grind.” He never worked to get where he is. It seems like he has always had everything.

They never addressed his past, which really dissatisfied me. Ji Pyeong does not bring it up since he does not intend to feel sorry for himself. He is quite generous. He aided SST from the beginning, preventing them from being cheated and instructing them on how to conduct their business.

I would describe Nam Do San as someone who is externally selfless yet internally self-indulgent. His character was initially so endearing and bright. Do san’s production of Noongil was inspiring, and for that reason, I will absolutely always value him.

I can also get why Dal Mi would submit to him. I don’t know when exactly his dangerous and also insecure side emerged, but boy was it repulsive… When Yong San requested that Ji Pyeong reveal the harsh truth about the 2STO acquisition, Ji Pyeong (their mentor) did exactly that.

And how did Do-san respond? By punching Ji Pyeong. He couldn’t see that Dal Mi was upset, so he took it out on Ji Pyeong and made it look like it was Ji Pyeong’s fault for being so harsh. That was the worst thing I ever saw him do.

The more he thought about Dal Mi, the worse it got. I don’t remember ever hearing him say “I like you” or “I enjoy you.” “What do you like about me?” has always been the question. To me, that means you only care about yourself.

It’s a link that doesn’t have good communication. After the three-year break, he didn’t seem to have changed much. The void was still and didn’t really change anything about the story. The story as a whole turned out to be a mess.

Ratings of Start-Up Series

SCORES Start-Up has a good chance of making it into the top 10 Korean cable TV shows because it airs on Saturday and Sunday. To get into the top 10, Startup only needs one episode to do better than 12.5% in the ratings.

To become the most popular tvN drama, the show will have to do better than Crash Touchdown on You, which got 21.683% of the vote. For a Startup to take the top spot, it will have to beat The World of the Wed with a huge score that is higher than 28.371%.

Final Words

Start-UP is a romantic drama TV show from South Korea. It was about Seo Dal-Mi, who wants to be a business owner like Steve Jobs. After the show ended on tvN, it became available to watch on Netflix. Season 2 of Start-Up Kdrama could come out in 2022. “Early Start-Up” is one of the most popular Kdramas from South Korea.

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