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Where Was the Movie “My Southern Family Christmas” Filmed?

The story of the film “My Southern Family Christmas” by Emily Moss Wilson centers on a journalist named Campbell (Jiacy Elliot), who visits her father, Everett (Bruce Campbell), to learn more about him for the first time in her life. This will transform their family’s Christmas forever.

The action of tale begins when Campbell receives a call from Jennifer disclosing her real father just before Christmas. On the other hand, we notice that her boss is requesting an original story for his Dallas-based aviation magazine. As a result, Campbell resolves to look for her father in order to provide her boss with a real tale.

 Actual Location Of The Movie

As many Hallmark movies are filmed in Louisiana, the movie is rumored to have been shot there. Additionally, several of the cast members are claimed to be from Louisiana. Is this a fact? Let’s investigate. We witness actual Cajun villages, residences, and coffee shops during the movie’s Christmas sequence, according to Jaicy Elliot, who stated in one of her interviews that Louisiana is great.

My Southern Family Christmas Location
As stated to the “Gonzales Weekly Citizen,” this actually implied that the movie was filmed in Louisiana. It is rumored that it was shot primarily in Louisiana’s Ascension Parish, the town of Sorrento, and the Baton Rouge metropolitan region.

This movie’s filming started on September 6, 2022, and it was finished that same month. Between September 21, 2022, and September 23, 2022, Ascension Parish in Louisiana reportedly hosted a number of significant scene shoots.

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My Southern Family Christmas Release Date and Cast

On November 24, 2022, the Hallmark channel hosted the world premiere of the film “My Southern Family Christmas.” the movie’s ensemble cast. Campbell Wallace is portrayed by Jaicy Elliot, Everett Wallace by Bruce Campbell, Jennifer Wallace by Moira Kelly, Mayor Thomas by Gralen Bryant Banks, Mary Wallace by Bri Collins, Gary Wallace by Brian McNamara, Sarah Wallace by Katie Hughey, Mary Wallace by Samantha Smith, and Amelia by Anniston Almond.

My Southern Family Christmas Location

On September 26, 2022, Jaicy Elliot, who portrays Campbell, can be seen commenting about the movie on her Instagram account and using the hashtags “Become Wack #hallmarkChristmas.” Jaicy Elliot is depicted in the film traveling from Seattle to Louisiana at various points throughout the course of the narrative. One may say that the scene was filmed in this manner.;

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