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First Love Season 2 Release Date: It Will be Renewed or Cancelled?

First Love Season 2: First Love is a new Netflix romance that spans two decades and nine episodes. Despite not being a perfect binge-watching option, the well-crafted drama will undoubtedly gain a following, maybe due to the show being inspired by, of all things, two songs by Hikaru Utada – “First Love” and “Hatsukoi.” It’s a long story, but it’s also a charming and often emotional one. But what about a season two?

Will There Be a Season 2 of First Love?

Netflix hasn’t formally confirmed the show’s future in any way, which isn’t unusual, but information concerning the show appears to be scarce in any case.

First Love Season 2

There aren’t a lot of marketing resources behind this, and it’ll likely only gain traction among enthusiasts — those who are truly devoted to the genre or Japanese filmmaking and the performers. We’ll make sure to update this section as soon as we learn more!

First Love Season 2: Expected Release Date

First Love season 1 came out on 24 November 2022. Fans are very excited about First Love Season 2, and they want to know when it will come out. Well, Season 2 of First Love is likely to come out sometime in 2023. These are just guesses, though. So, we will have to wait for an official date for the release of First Love Season 2.

What is the Storyline of First Love?

Yae and Harumichi first crossed paths and fell in love in the late 1990s. Yae continued her education at a university in Tokyo after completing her high school studies, whilst Harumichi enlisted in the Self-Defense Forces to pursue a degree in aviation.

This marked the beginning of their divergent paths. One day, Yae was involved in a terrible accident, and after that, there was a gap of twenty years until their paths crossed again.

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After serving in the Self-Defense forces, Yae is currently employed as a cab driver in the same city as Harumichi, who found work in the private security industry after his time in the armed forces. Fate puts them back together again around 20 years after their initial love did not come to fruition.

Who Could Be in the Cast of Season 2 of First Love?

Most of the first season is about two characters played by different actors at different ages:

  • Hikari Mitsushima – Yae Noguchi
  • Takeru Satoh – Harumichi Namiki
  • Rikako Yagi – Yae Noguchi (young)
  • Taisei Kido – Harumichi Namiki (young)

First Love Season 2

If the same story were to continue in a second season, these four would probably be back. The most likely thing, though, is that if a second season were to be made, it would be a whole new story, maybe based on more of Utada’s songs.

First Love Season 1: Quick Recap

Tsunemi first met Harumichi when he was ordered to see a therapist after returning from Iraq. Because of the small talk, they shared every day, they ended up becoming fast friends. Harumichi never expressed his feelings for her, and she always claimed that their relationship was at best platonic.

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Harumichi and Yae became close when he put his life in danger to protect her from an attack. After the tragic earthquake in Japan, Harumichi realized the importance of Tsunemi’s presence in his life. He ended his relationship with her after realizing he couldn’t continue to lie to her.

First Love Season 2

Tsuzuru opened up about his feelings for Uta just before she embarked on her global tour. Yae excavated the site and discovered artifacts from the couple’s relationship, including love letters, a train ticket, and photographs.

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Uta discovered Harumichi and later informed Tsuzuru of her discoveries. Yae was determined to travel anywhere in the world to be with her sweetheart once she found out. Yae, who has since found work at Husavik Airport, appears in the end credits scene.

Is There a Trailer for First Love Season 2?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for First Love season 2 at this time, but you can watch its season 1 trailer and enjoy the previous season.

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