Emily in Paris 3 Trailer: Shows That Fans Are Divided About Emily’s Love Interests.

The trailer for the third season of “Emily in Paris” just came out, and from what it looks like, the Netflix romantic comedy-drama will still be TV’s most fluffy escape in 2022.

After Season 2 ended with Emily Cooper’s (Lily Collins) boss, Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), leaving Savoir to start a new marketing firm and inviting Emily to join her, the new episodes will finally show what decision Emily made in that last phone call that left everyone hanging. And, maybe because of the character we’re talking about, it seems like the decision was to make no decision at all.

Emily is now working at both Sylvie’s new company and her old job at Savoir for Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh), which neither of her bosses knows about. This is shown in the trailer for the new season. In Season 3, Emily is again torn between charming but flighty Frenchman Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and snarky, down-to-earth Brit Alfie because she can’t decide what to do with her career.

is a reflection of the trouble she has in her love life (Lucien Laviscount). Which one of the two handsome men should she choose? As is usually the case with a great love triangle, viewers have been pretty evenly split between Team Gabriel and Team Alfie so far. Based on how fans reacted to the “Emily in Paris” Season 3 trailer, this divide is about to get even bigger.

Team Gabriel Supporters Want Him and Emily to Get Together Already.

Before Season 2, there wasn’t a love triangle at the center of “Emily in Paris.” Or, to be more precise, it did make a triangle, but not one with Emily at the point. The will-they-or-won’t-they tension between her and Gabriel, the dreamy French boy next door, was pretty clear from the start of the show. The only thing that kept them from getting together was that Gabriel was dating Emily’s new friend Camille (Camille Razat). Gabriel and Camille broke up in the end, but when Alfie showed up in Season 2, things got even worse for Emily.

Now that “Emily in Paris” has been on for two whole seasons, some fans just want Emily and Gabriel to get over themselves and fall in love already. After the Season 3 trailer came out, many Team Gabriel fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. From the trailer, a user with the handle @immissjc said, “I choose Paris!!!! I hope that Emily and Gabriel will be the final couple.”

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@Coolcatdizi, on the other hand, just posted a picture of Emily and Gabriel with the words “When will this freaking happen!!!” After the second tweet, @lcrzbrg sent a reply that couldn’t have been clearer about how much they supported Gabriel over Alfie: “RIGHT!!! I want them to be together, and if they don’t have one more passionate moment this season, I’m going to start a riot.

Fans of Alfie Are Sure That He’s the Right Guy for Emily.

Because of how “Emily in Paris” is set up and how the story is told as a whole, Emily and Gabriel take up more space on the show, both literally and figuratively. Emily and Alfie have mostly been a couple in contrast to Emily and Gabriel, showing the good and bad parts of Emily’s long-term relationship with France.

At the end of Season 2, Emily was ready to go back to Gabriel. But that hasn’t stopped Alfie fans from wanting him and Emily to get together and thinking he’s the right guy for her, even though the story doesn’t make sense.

Soon after the Season, 3 trailers came out, a Twitter user named @ next supreme posted a collage of pictures of Emily and Alfie with the words, “It has always been Emily and Alfie. They need to be about the end.” @peanutbuttercup, on the other hand, said that after Mindy, Alfie was the best person on the show.

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And @evermelodrama criticized the show for not giving him more chances: “I know they are setting up Alfie to fail to get their silly Emily and French guy ending, but Alfie is so much better than I hope she chooses him even though I know it will never happen,” they wrote. @medizilover agreed with me and said that “Alfie is such a wonderful, kind, and well-mannered man. G would be fine if Emily’s character wasn’t all happy, joyful, and at peace when she was near Alfie.”

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