Amy Robach and T.j. Holmes Are “Not Embarrassed” by Their Relationship.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, the new hosts of “Good Morning America 3,” didn’t feel bad about their relationship scandal when they went to work on Thursday. The scandal had shocked the media industry the day before.

Sources close to the couple said that their first day back was “wonderful” and that they felt “supported and loved” by their ABC coworkers, who even said a prayer with them.

“They aren’t embarrassed. “They’re two adults who loved each other in the end,” a source told Page Six.

“It had been since Tuesday since they had seen each other. It’s not how they wanted people to find out about their relationship, but it’s kind of a relief,” they said.

Another person who knows the couple says that they have been “good friends for eight years” and that they started dating in August, when they were both having problems with their marriages.

Amy Robach and T.j. Holmes

Several people told us that Holmes and his wife, Marilee Fiebig, have had problems in their marriage over the years, including rumours that he cheated on her. Last year, they had some trouble, so Holmes had to leave for a while.

We’ve heard that they got back together in the end, but that it didn’t last long and that he moved out for good “about four months ago.”

“When he was having problems with his marriage again recently, Amy was the only person he could lean on. He first tried to get in touch with Amy. “Until yesterday, no one knew he was getting a divorce,” the second source said.

Robach and her TV star husband, Andrew Shue, had their own problems at the same time.

A third person told us, “Amy and Andrew had a few bumps in the road, and it always felt like they were looking at different options.”

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People who know Robach told us that her marriage ended “about six months ago,” and a fourth person said, “She was very upset about it.”

“They were very close and tried to make it work… She felt very sad about the end of her marriage. They said, “It didn’t seem like it was about cheating.”

Our sources told us that Robach and Holmes’s relationship “caught no one by surprise,” not even their spouses.

As soon as they became friends in 2014, rumours of secret meetings began, and in 2017, ABC was full of rumours that they hooked up at separate events.

Amy Robach and T.j. Holmes (2)

We hear that they were even afraid to be near each other.

“The rumours really scared them. They were scared. They weren’t true, and after that, they were afraid to hang out together or be on air and be too friendly,” the second source said.

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Now that the rumour is confirmed, don’t expect Holmes and Robach to contact you. Even though they came to the studio “as a couple” for their show “GMA 3” on Thursday afternoon, neither of them said anything about what was going on.

“They think they don’t have to do anything for anyone… The first source said, “They’re upset that their daughters had to be exposed to it this way, but they have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“They are going through the hardest part of their lives right now. It’s a friendship that worked out and turned into something more, and that happens,” they said.

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