This Fool Season 2 Release Date: Where Can I Watch Season 2?

Chris Estrada has been in movies and TV shows for a long time, and you won’t stop seeing him now. This Fool, a series he wrote and made, just came out on Hulu and is getting a lot of praise right now. Fans can’t wait to see what the second season has in store for them because the show has been doing so well.

The story must have been the hook because it’s about a young man who wants to help other people but still doesn’t know how to deal with his problems. The first season ended without giving us the clear answers we needed, and we don’t know if the second season will either. The article below will tell you everything you need to know about the Hulu Show.

This Fool Season 2 Release Date

The comedy show’s first season started on August 12, 2022, but there is no word yet on when the second season will start. The first season has been doing well, and a 7.7 rating on IMDB could mean that the show will be back for a second season.


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At the moment, though, all of the predictions are just wishful thinking, and we’ll have to wait for the show’s creator to tell us what will happen next. If our hopes come true, we should be able to look forward to a second season by 2023.

This Fool, which was made for Hulu and stars Chris Estrada, will come back for a second season on November 10, 2022.

Famous Dialogs

Take a look at the This Fool Season 2 famous dialogs


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This Fool Season 2 Plot

No matter how good a man is, he will always have flaws, which doesn’t make him different from anyone else. Julio is the name of the man in the show. He is still living with his parents and has a kind and honest heart. Julio has been going out with the same girl since high school, which explains how they know each other.


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Even though his relationship with his girlfriend is shaky, he is a good man who always looks out for his community, and sooner or later, he finds himself in a bad situation. He has to deal with his cousin, who is getting out of jail and can’t be avoided because they both work for the same company.

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The first season looked at his problems with codependence, how he dealt with his life, and how he tried to make the community a better place. The second season could follow a similar path.

Cast Members

Chris Estrada plays Julio and is the main character in the show. He also created the show. He is known for acting in and writing successful TV shows like Golden Sketch Comedy, Keeping Company, and the new show This Fool, which just came out.

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Chris plays with Laura Patalano (Esperenza), Michelle Ortiz (who is playing Maggie), Frankie Quinone (who is playing Luis), Julia Vera (who is playing Maria), Anna Lamadrid (who is playing Roxio), Sandra Marcela, Cruz Legaspi, and many more. The cast’s great work helped make the first season of the show a hit, so it’s safe to assume that we’ll see some familiar faces in the second season.

Episode Count

The next season will probably have the same number of episodes, which will be about 10. Each episode will be 24 minutes long and come out on the same day.

Where Can I Watch

The first season of the show was shown on Hulu in August 2022. Still, we don’t know anything official about the second season yet. For now, we can assume that the second season will also begin on the same platform.

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Hulu is a streaming service that you have to pay for, just like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, etc. So, if you haven’t already, go to Hulu right away and watch the first season of This Fool.

This Fool Season 2 Trailer

Since it’s been less than a month since Hulu put out the trailer for the first season, there’s no chance that the trailer for the second season is already out. If you haven’t seen the show yet, all you need is a Hulu account to enjoy the great comedy.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will There Be a Second Season of This Fool?

Hulu has picked up a second season of “This Fool.”

“This Fool” has been picked up for a second season by Hulu. The half-hour comedy takes place in South Central Los Angeles, a working-class area.

Is Season 2 of What if Coming?

Season 2 will start at the beginning of 2023. Even though we’re getting close to that time, we don’t have a more specific date yet. As the first season of What If…? was coming out, it was announced that there would be a second season. Now, head writer A.C. Bradley has said that the second season will start on Disney Plus in 2022.

How Many Episodes Are There of This Fool?

10 episodes
The first season started on August 12, and you can now watch all 10 episodes on Hulu. This Fool is a half-hour comedy that takes place in South Central, a working-class area of Los Angeles.

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