A Man Called Otto Release Date: Who Are the Cast Members in This Movie?

The Year 2022 Debut of “A Man Called Otto” that the release of “A Man Called Otto” will be on Christmas Day in 2022. Deadline reports that filming for “A Man Called Otto” will begin this year, but there has been no announcement regarding location changes.

When watching a Tom Hanks film, especially one of his slice-of-life dramas, it is impossible to anticipate how you will feel because every film is its own unique experience. Due to the fact that it has been so long since we last saw the Forrest Gump star in a satisfying and moving story, A Man Called Otto is one of his most anticipated upcoming films.

We follow Otto, a bitter 60-year-old widower, as he stoically endures his retirement by isolating himself from his neighbors, their pets, and their children, and by being overly critical and judgmental of everyone he meets. However, his worldview is tested when a dynamic new family moves into the area and completely alters his routine.

The comedy-drama film was inspired by Fredrik Backman’s 2012 novel of the same name. A Swedish film with the same name as the original narrative was made under Hannes Holm’s direction and script. Marc Forster directs and co-wrote the screenplay for the second cinematic version of the novel, A Man Called Otto, with David Magee; Forster and Magee are also executive producers on the picture alongside Renee Wolfe and others.

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The story sounds ideal for the season of joy and cheer, but the film isn’t a Christmas movie and won’t have a wide release during the holidays. Even if you miss it during its limited release in December, you can still see this family film at the beginning of the New Year. Meanwhile, here’s everything we know about A Man Called Otto, including the movie’s synopsis, trailer, release date, cast, and characters.

A Man Called Otto’s Release Date

Limited premieres of A Man Called Otto will take place in New York and Los Angeles on Christmas Day, 2022 (December 25), with a wider release scheduled for January 13, 2023.


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A Man Called Otto’s Cast Members

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks stars as Otto, a retired 60-year-old widower whose sole purpose in life seems to be tormenting his neighbors and everyone else crosses his path in A Man Called Otto.


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The cast also features Mariana Trevino as Otto’s new neighbor Marisol, as well as Rachel Keller, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Cameron Britton, Kailey Hyman, Mike Birbiglia, Elle Chapman, Kelly Lamor Wilson, Laval Schley, Juanita Jennings, Julian Manjerico, Spenser Granese, and Jon Donahue, to name a few.

Who’s Making A Man Called Otto?

German-Swiss director Marc Forster helms this comedic drama. Forster, who has been nominated for a BAFTA, is directing the next film White Bird: A Wonder Story, and is recognized for his work on films like Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace, World War Z, etc. David Magee, who has written screenplays for movies like Life of Pi, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Mary Poppins Returns, and the recently released The School for Good and Evil turned the novel into the film’s screenplay.

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Forster and Magee had previously collaborated on the project Finding Neverland. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Gary Goetzman, and Fredrik Wikström Nicastro are the other producers under their company’s label, Playtone.

Where Was A Man Called Otto Filmed?

With the start of February 2022, filming for A Man Called Otto began in various Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, locations. Production ended in May of 2022.

A Man Called Otto About

It seems like the plot of A Man Called Otto is about the wonderful things that can happen when you open your heart to others. The film is faithful to the best-selling novel it is based on, which has been called “comical and touching.” Because of the death of his wife, Otto Anderson has become a grumpy, bitter old man.

However, no one who lives near him or has any sort of regular interaction with him would describe him that way. After 40 years of service, Otto gets laid off and spends his days moaning and groaning about the state of the world. His facial expressions have changed; he frowns more and grins less, and he is easily angered by anything that causes him to deviate from his routines, even the pets of his neighbors.


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So, now everyone who ever crossed paths with Otto is his enemy. On the other hand, that’s not all he is. The only time this grumpy old man shows any other side of himself is when he pays a visit to his wife’s grave and spends time commiserating with her about how terrible things are.

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In other words, until a young couple with two kids moves into the neighborhood, Otto has no meaningful human connection with any living thing. When Otto’s new neighbor Marisol moves in next door, everything changes. Unlike the previous residents, Marisol is quick with a joke and equally determined to not push Otto away.

He has to adjust to a new normal, one that may be a little more exciting than before. The widower begins to experience things that are very out of character for him, such as babysitting and getting a pet. As a result, Otto embarks on an exciting new adventure and forms connections he didn’t know he really needed.

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