Ending of Stone Ocean is Finally Explained!

The anime series Stone Ocean has ended, and its ending may be one of the most controversial of all time in the anime world. In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, now that the fight between Jolyne Cujoh and Pucci is over, the Joestars’ reality might never be the same again. Some fans might be confused by the ending, so we at Comicbook.com are here to explain what happened after this wild ride.

At the end of Stone Ocean, Pucci wins. With his Stand, Made in Heaven, he gets to heaven and rebuilds the universe as we know it. In this new universe, everyone who is born can see how their lives will end. Luckily for the world, Emporio is able to stay alive. Emporio’s friends Jolyne, Jotaro, Ermes, and Anasi have all been killed by Pucci’s actions, which is bad news for him.

Stone Ocean Ending Explained

Emporio has a bit of good luck when Pucci makes a mistake that lets him get the powers of Weather Report. The evil priest dies because of this strange resurrection. When the bad guy in Stone Ocean dies, a new reality comes into being that Pucci had nothing to do with. Because of these new changes, Jolyne existed in a very different way.

This made all the things that happened in Stone Ocean pointless, but it gave “Irene Joestar” a happy ending with her new boyfriend, who was a new version of Anasi in Annakiss. As Emporio joins this new version of Jolyne, they find what looks like a different version of Weather Report, which is probably going to give Pucci’s brother a second chance at life.


With the release of Steel Ball Run, this new reality brings JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure into a new universe, where we meet new Joestars and villains who are similar to the ones we already know. After this entry, JoJolion takes place in a familiar place with a familiar face, but everything is very different from what we had come to know.

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