Lee Da Hee is an Attacked Chaebol Heiress in the New Fantasy Drama “Island”

The upcoming TVN drama “Island” has given us a new look at Lee Da Hee as the main character.

“Island” is a fantasy drama based on the popular webcomic of the same name. It’s about a dark secret hidden on beautiful Jeju Island and the people who must fight evil forces that want to destroy the world.

Kim Nam Gil will play Pan, an immortal monster hunter who has been protecting the world from evil demons for thousands of years. Cha Eun Woo, who is in the group ASTRO, will play John, a young exorcist priest.

Lee Da Hee will play Won Mi Ho, who is a teacher and chaebol heiress who doesn’t know she has a powerful strength. As the beautiful heiress to the global conglomerate Daehan Group, Won Mi Ho has a life that anyone would want. However, she has never had a day of peace because she is always in the spotlight.

 New Fantasy Drama “Island”

Won Mi Ho is taken by surprise to Jeju Island, where she is attacked by a bad demon she has never seen before and pulled into a huge battle she could never have imagined.

In new stills from the upcoming drama, the beautiful heiress Won Mi Ho, played by Lee Da Hee, looks sophisticated and intimidating as she stands in front of a classroom with a slightly worried look on her face. In another picture, Won Mi Ho looks scared as she is being chased by something or someone, giving a hint of the exciting action to come.


The producers of “Island” said this about Lee Da Hee’s acting: “During every single shoot, Lee Da Hee’s aura stood out as she played her character Won Mi Ho with great detail. You can be sure that Lee Da Hee will give a nuanced performance. His character ends up at the center of the fate of all people after an unexpected event.

The premiere of “Island” will be on December 30.

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