Perumthitta Tharavad Kottamkuzhy: Take a Look at Major Attractions of the Festival!

The Perumthottam Tharavad festival is one of the most well-known creative representations of Kerala’s colorful cultural traditions. The Perumthitta Tharavad celebrations are an outstanding exhibition of the ethnicity of the state’s various tribal communities and are regarded as the state’s most significant and popular Theyyam festival. This colorful event is celebrated in Kattakuzhy, Kasaragod district, Kerala, when the entire region bursts with excitement and vitality.

Best Time To Visit Perumthitta Tharavad Festival

Perumthitta Tharavad held yearly for ten days in the month of December, is where you can observe old Keralite traditions. It is the ideal time to organize a trip to Kerala and experience areas such as Kasaragod, which are of indisputable beauty.

History Of Perumthitta Tharavad Festival

Originating in antiquity, the central ritual of the festival is Theyyam, which consists of religious and ritualistic dance-drama performances influenced by mythological references and well-known folktales of the Malabar region in Kerala. These regional dance performances in Kerala are heavily influenced by religion, mythological themes, worship practices, and numerous ceremonies.

Popular Theyyams such as Perumthitta Tharavad, Elayoor Theyyam, Chamundi Theyyam, Panchoorla Theyyam, and Muthor Theyyam, etc., show the culture of the Dravidians, which dates back 1500 years. These Dravidian art forms have long been an integral part of India’s cultural legacy, representing the ancient traditions of Neolithic and Chalcolithic tribal groups living in the region.

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During dance performances, performers dress in elaborate costumes and paint their entire bodies in order to represent the major mythological and ancient figures from folklore. They use elaborate costumes and masks to demonstrate the heavenly power of these characters. Every year, the event is commemorated with ceremonies that are supposed to bring good fortune and ward off evil.

Major Attractions Of Perumthitta Tharavad Festival

A Visual Treat

The local festival is a visual feast; during the festivities, one is able to experience this aspect of Indian culture in a manner never before witnessed. In addition, throughout the event, individuals can indulge their senses with a variety of Theyyams, such as the Chamundi Theyyam Festival, Panchoorla, Muthor Theyyam, and Elayoor Theyyam. This festival’s rhythmic flow and overall excitement cannot be described in words; they must be experienced in person.

A Nice Blend of Rituals and Customs

Perumthitta Tharavad, Kottamkuzhy attracts a large number of tourists, devotees, and locals who come to witness these legendary celebrations in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. All of these people who have traveled from across the country to attend this festival are primarily interested in experiencing a unique blend of Indian rituals and traditions.

Places To Visit

Bekal Fort

This 300-year-old fort is one of the most popular attractions in Kasaragod, as it is surrounded by a stunning golden beach. For travelers, the impenetrable palm trees that border the majesty of the coastline are a visual treat.

Ranipuram Hills

Ranipuram hills, located approximately 55 kilometers from Kasaragod, is a beautiful place known for its magnificent trekking trails. The Ranipuram hills are a must-see destination for all adventurers, vacationers, and those in search of tranquility.

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Parappa Wildlife Sanctuary

The unusual flora and fauna of the Parappa wildlife sanctuary make it a must-see tourist destination in Kasaragod. This sanctuary in Kerala is a wildlife lover’s paradise due to the exotic species of turtles, porcupines, hornbills, and wild jungle cats, among others.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

An ancient temple dedicated to Sri Padmanabha, Ananthapura Lake Temple was constructed alongside a beautiful lake. There is also a cave near the lake where crocodile idols are venerated.

Mallikarjuna Temple

The Lord Shiva-dedicated temple is located in the heart of Kasaragod city. Constructed by the Iyer rulers, the temple is embellished with exquisite artwork that attracts spiritual seekers.

Backwaters of Valiyaparamba

Kerala is renowned for its tranquil houseboat cruises and Valiyaparamba backwaters. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and a freshly prepared meal while onboard.


Nileswaram, a well-known town in Kasaragod, is the country’s cultural capital, where you can experience the country’s rich cultural heritage. It is a beautiful location where you can glimpse Kerala’s vibrant culture.

How To Reach For Perumthitta Tharavad

This colorful Keralan festival is celebrated in Kattakuzhy, a district of Kasaragod that is easily accessible by road, air, and rail. Here are the specifics for reaching Kasaragod by the various modes of transportation.

The airport is closest to Kasaragod. Airport International de Mangalore (Karnataka)
The distance to Mangalore. 65km
By Air. The Mangalore International Airport (IXE) is around 65 kilometers away. The airport is well-connected to cities and states in India. After disembarking at the airport, you may wish to reserve a taxi or other form of public transportation to reach your destination.

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By Railway. If you are traveling by train, disembark at the Kasaragod Railway Station (KGQ). Take a taxi or another form of public transportation from the station to continue your journey.

Kasaragod railway station is the closest

By Road. You may also consider traveling to Kasaragod through road networks, depending on your location. NH17 is the principal route traversing the Kasaragod district. You can reserve buses (private/interstate) and private taxis from neighboring areas and cities with ease. However, if you prefer to drive at your own pace, self-driving is a viable alternative.

The distance to Mysore. 227 kilometers via NH275
The distance to Kannur. 90-100 kilometers via Kasaragod-Kannur Road
The distance to Belur. 185 miles via Bandadka-Bengaluru Road

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